Yonder Mountain String Band
Paramount Theater
Denver, CO

Source:SBD>DA-P1>Sony ES-700>Soundforge 4.5>CDR>SHN
Acooustic Encore: AT-822>Sony Mini Disc
Recorded By: Leigh Mackenzie (scltbeg@attbi.com)

Disc 1 Set 1
1. intro
2. free to run>
spanish harlem incident
3. i loved you enough
4. california zephyr
5. what's goin on in the head of that woman
6. dark mountain road *
7. check out time *
8. i love my job *
9. idaho
10. rambler's amthem
11. pow wow thw indian boy
12. too late now

Disc 2 Set 2
1. mother's only son
2. "count down to midnight"
3. auld lang syne>
snow on the pines>
follow me down to the riverside>
girlfriend is better>
Bolton stretch
4. another day
5. half moon rising
6. forty miles from denvar
7. you're no good\

Disc 3 Set 2
1. new horizons>
suspicios minds>
new horizons
2. trafic jam>
muppet show theme>
only a northern song>
trafic jam
3. waiting for the encores
4. don't let your deal go down
5. roll on blues

*w/ Benny Galloway