Yonder Mountain String Band
"Jeff's Scats and Raps" compilation (2007 remaster edition)

this was he first on my Yonder compilations,compiled back in 2002.
It's an attempt to gather together
some of Jeff's more oddball and 'out there' scats and improvs.
They range from the passionate (the scat jam after Raleigh
and Spencer from 1/17/02) to the funky (the 'we want the funk'
jam from 11/14/00) to the funny (Owner of a Hula Hoop cracks me
up every time, no matter how many times i hear it), to the
indescribably strange (the "Dave Johnston's sinister laugh jam"
from 1/18/02 has to be heard to be believed).

i used the best (and usually only) sources available for each
of these unique jams - more audience than SBD this time, but
overall very good quality. i adjusted some levels and made some
minor fades to give everything a smooth overall sound. As
always, burn gapless for maximum enjoyment.

Thanks to the original tapers, and to my beloved Kim, who
suggested this one in the first place. Enjoy.


"The Bluegrass Mothership Has Landed"
1. Ramblin in the Rambler >
2. Deep Elem Blues >
3. Ramblin the the Rambler (11/14/00 The Patio, Indianapolis)

"Jeff's Smoking Rant" (edited)
4. 2 Hits and the Joint turned Brown
5. Legalize it (2/23/02 The Wild Duck, Eugene Or)

6. "Puff the Magic Dragon" (11/14/00 The Patio, Indianapolis)

"This Isn't Your Grandma's Bluegrass"
7. Scat Intro >
8. Jesus on the Mainline >
9. Percussion/scat jam >
10. Goldrush >
11. Jesus on the Mainline (2/8/02 The Alley, Flagstaff AZ)

"What are YOU gonna do?"
12. Raleigh and Spencer >
13. Scat jam >
14. Over the Waterfall (1/17/02 La Zona Rosa, Austin TX)

"The Worlds Longest Jaeger Shot"
15. Ramblin in the Rambler >
16. Dont Step on My Panda Shoes >
17. Ramblin in the Rambler (6/8/01 Private Party, Cincinatti)


"Furry plants about this high"
1. Jesus on the Mainline > Jeffs Dream rap > June Apple >
Jeffs Dream Rap 2 > Whipping Post >
Jesus on the Mainline (11/2/01 Wild Duck, Eugene Or)

2. "Owner of a Hula Hoop" (7/8/00 A Day Of Celebration, Willits CA)

"Boy That Acid took a long time to kick in"
3. Ramblin in the rambler >
4. Dave Johnston's Sinister Laugh jam >
5. Ramblin in the Rambler
(1/18/02 Garden in the Heights, Houston Tx)

6. "Rocky Mountain (very very) High "
(12/31/99 Wolfe Tongue Brewery,Nederland CO)

"if that mockingbird dont cry"
7. In the woods With the Munchies Intro > Traffic Jam >
8. Morning Dew > Scat Jam > Mockingbird Lullaby >
9. Polka on the Banjo >
10. Traffic Jam (9/8/01 Canopy Club, Urbana Il)

11. "Rocky Top/Uncle Pen/Orange Blossom Special/Whatever"
(3/23/01 Sherpa's and Yetis, Breckenridge Co)

"welcome to Yonder at 2 AM"
12. Tear Down the Grand Ole Opry"
(5/24/02 Amy's Orchard Lounge, Camp Mather CA)