Yonder Mountain String Band

Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Telluride, CO

June 21, 2003

Recorded and mastered by Jim Pollock

Source: XM Radio Broadcast captured as follows:

Delphi SkyFi Tuner-> Sony R500 as A/D converter (SBM on) @ 44.1khz-> coax out->

Fujitsu Lifebook P-2040 Laptop (VXPocket V2, Win2K, Sound Forge 5.0).

The following mastering items were performed with Sound Forge 5.0:

1. Fades at beginning and end of set.

2. Any broadcast anomolies (pops, etc.) cleaned up. The resulting wav file was split using CDWave.
SHN files generated with mkwACT.

One Set, One Disc:

01. Introduction/Tuning

Maid of the Canyon
03. You're No Good

04. Sleepy Cowboy*

05. Not Far Away

06. Too Late Now

07. Amanda Rose

08. Troubled Mind

09. California Zephyr

10. What's Going on in the Head of That Woman

11. And Your Bird Can Sing->

12. Spanish Harlem Incident

13. Years With Rose ->

14. Peace of Mind

15. Hill Country Girl

* with Sally VanMeter and Benny Galloway

One second XM signal dropout in Amanda Ros