Yonder Mountain String Band
8150 club
Vail, Colorado
April 2, 2004

recorded by john sheilds, flac'd by Dave Gallagher
original post by phishboyd

edit and repost by charles carraway(carraway2@hotmail.com)
Wavelab 5.0>Stereo Expansion @ 80%>EQ-1(High +10.2/Mid +2.9/Bass +8.4)>Levels(RT -3.00db)>UV 22 Dither>Record>Flac Frontend

**This recording has been altered since original post. Original post contain various level problems which have now been corrected. Even if you
have allready downloaded this show once, you might want to consider downloading again. The corrections and changes made have resulted in a fuller, better sounding SBD. ENJOY!**************************************************************************************

Disc 1
1.My Gal
2.End Of The Day
3.No Expectations
4.Loved You Enough
5.Left Me In A Hole
6.Bloody Mary Morning
7.Eli Renfro
8.Big Spike Hammer
9.Lord Only Knows (Part One) >
10.Bolton Stretch >
11.Mother's Only Son

Disc 2
1. Peace of Mind > Follow Me Down To The Riverside > Peace of Mind
2. What's Going On In The Head of That Woman
3. Pain In My Heart
4. Suspicious Minds >
5. Too Late Now
6.Third Stone From The Sun* >
7.Keep On Going > Only A Northern Song > Keep On Going
8.Four Walls Of Raiford
9.Sweet Home Alabama

Whole show with Darol Anger on fiddle. * = First Time Played

*Second post edit:Wavelab 5.0>Stereo Expansion @ 80%>EQ-1(High +10.2/Mid +2.9/Bass +8.4)>Levels(RT -3.00db)>UV 22 Dither>Record>Flac Frontend