Yonder Mountain String Band
Boulder Theatre
Boulder, CO

Disk 1:
Set I:
1) talking/tuning
2) Steep Grades
3) Another Day
4) River
5) Maid Of The Canyon*
6) Part 1>
7) Looking Back Over My Shoulder
8) If Your Ever In Oklahoma
9) Romance Blues
10) Rambler's Anthem
11) Not Far Away
12) I Am The Slime
13) Ten

Disk 2:
Set II:
1) talking/tuning
2) Ramblin' In The Rambler*>
3) Cocaine*>
4) Granny Woncha Smoke Some*>
5) Heroin*>
6) 2 Hits And The Joint Turned Brown*>
7) Granny*>
8) Ramblin'*
9) If Loving You Is Killin Me*
10) Spanish Harlem Incident*

Disk 3:
1) Town
2) This Lonesome Heart
3) Years With Rose>
4) Peace Of Mind>
5) Girlfriend Is Better>
6) Peace Of Mind
7) crowd/talking
8) They Love Each Other

*with Pete Wernick On Banjo

Taped, transferred, and matrixed by Todd R
Soundboard + AKG audience matrix
Soundboard source: Mono soundboard> XLR splitter cable> Lunatec V3(optical)> JB3
Set I Aud source: AKG ck61> JKLabs ECMS-22> Zefiro In-box (optical)> JB3
Set II Aud source: AKG ck63> JKLabs ECMS-22> Zefiro In-box (optical)> JB3
Matrix: JB3's > firewire> pc> CoolEdit (normaliztion, sbd+aud matrix, fades)> CDWav> FLAC

Thanks to Ben for the board patch and Phil Rollins and Andrew Pierce for the Zefiro In-box.