Yonder Mountain String Band

Live at "The Blue Note"
Columbia, MO
Sunday, January 29, 2006

Source: DSBD (via Cardas Golden Reference XLR's>RCA's) > Sony PCM-R300 w/ SBM @ 48k >
Sony PDP-95C DAT (set 1); Sony PDP-125C DAT (set 2)

Transfer: DAT's > Sony PCM-R300 > Monster Interlink 200 Optical Cable >
ADS Tech RDX-150 (S/PDIF pass-thru) > USB > Sound Forge 8.0* @ 16/48 > WAV >
CD Wave Editor > Flac Frontend (level 8, verify, sector align) > FLAC16

* - Sound Forge was used to record; Resampled to 44.1k w/ anti alias filter & interpolation
accuracy at highest setting (4 of 4); The right channel (Set 1 only) was muted and the
left channel was duplicated to replace it (see notes below); Fades Added

Taped & Transferred by: STLBlues

Uploaded to bt.etree.org on 2/9/06 by: STLBlues

Set 1 (Disc 1):

01. Intro
02. Dawn's Early Light >
03. Cuckoo's Nest
04. Left Me In A Hole
05. Maid Of The Canyon
06. Half Moon Rising
07. Deep Pockets
08. Troubled Mind
09. Steep Grade Sharp Curves
10. Another Day
11. Different Day
12. Traffic Jam >
13. Little Rabbit >
14. Traffic Jam
15. Her Majesty

Set 2A (Disc 2):

01. Intro
02. Ruby >
03. Good Hearted Woman >
04. Dear Prudence
05. Things You're Selling
06. Old Plank Road
07. 20 Eyes
08. Train Bound For Gloryland >
09. Granny Woncha Smoke Some

Set 2B (Disc 3):

01. Big Spike Hammer
02. Going Up
03. Peace Of Mind >
04. Robot Jam >
05. Peace Of Mind >
06. No Expectations


07. Holdin'

Taper Notes:

The signal Ben Hines was sending to me from the SBD during set 1 was extremely low on the right
channel (Ben didn't know why). After the playback/transfer, I noticed some static on the right
channel. I opted to mute the channel, and replaced it w/ a duplicate of the left channel. This also
causes each flac file in set 1 to be half the size it should be, but when decoded, the .wav files are the
size they should be. To my ears it's impossible to tell a difference, it still sounds great. This is most
likely due to the fact that YMSB doesn't use a real stereo mix during live shows. Set 2 was NOT
affected. Ben had done some fooling around with the SBD during the intermission, and the problem
was fixed.

SPECIAL THANKS to the band & their soundman Ben Hines!!!