Yonder Mountain String Band
Newport Music Hall
Columbus, Ohio

Source: SBD > DA-P1 & Nak 300's w/CP-1's > Edirol R-4

Transfer: DA-P1 > Edirol R-4 > Adobe Audition > MKW

Recorded: Tapecat & The Brain
Converted: Tapecat

Set I:
Disc 1:

Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie,
Think For Yourself,
Troubled Mind,
Winds Of Wyoming,
Too Late Now,
Looking Back Over My Shoulder,
Clinch Mountain Backstep,
Get Me Outta This City,

Disc 2:
100 Years From Now,
Cuckoo's Nest>
Nothin' But Nothin',
Mother's Only Son

Set II:
Death Trip,
Tombstone Blues,
Girlfriend Is Better >

Disc 3:

Left Me in a Hole,
Finally Saw The Light,
Half Moon Rising,
Only A Northern Song,
Country Boy Rock & Roll,
The Bolton Stretch

Encore: Goodbye Blue Sky