Yonder Mountain String Band
Newport Music Hall
Columbus, Ohio

Source: MATRIX - SBD > DA-P1 & Nak 300's w/CP-1's > Edirol R-4
Transfer: DA-P1 > Edirol R-4 > Adobe Audition > MKW
Recorded: Tapecat & The Brain
Converted: Tapecat

- Disc One - Set I -
01. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere,Cylinders
02. If There's Still Ramblin' in the Rambler (let him go)>
03. Picture In A Tear >
04. Rambler
05. Town
06. Postcard To My Son From Jail
07. Maid of the Canyon
08. 8 Cylinders
09. Jesus On The Mainline

- Disc Two - Set I cont'd
01. What's Going On In The Head Of That Woman,
02. New Horizons>
03. It's All Too Much>
04. New Horizons
-Set II-
05. Going Where They Do Not Know My Name^
06. Kentucky Mandolin^
07. Roll On Blues^
08. Good As I Been To You > Fun Time^
09. Whipping Post^>
10. Crow Black Chicken^

- Disc Three - Set II Cont'd
01. What You're Selling
02. Hill Country Girl
03. Long Time
04. Lord Only Knows (Part One)>
05. Peace Of Mind>
06. King Ebenezer Rap>
07. Peace Of Mind
- Encore -
08. Crazy Train

Note: ^ w/ Danny Barnes & Tim Obrien

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