YONDER PLAY THEIR BLUEGRASS ROOTS 2006 Remaster/updated edition

burn gapless.

DISC ONE (78.47)

songs by BILL MONROE

1. Big Sandy River 2.23.00, Cicero's, St Louis, MO
2. Allalee 11.16.99 Private Party , Portland OR
3. Blue Night 7.17.00 , Alpenista Pizzeria, Leadville, Co
4. Roanoke 12.31.01 , Mississippi Nights, St Louis, MO
5. Kentucky Mandolin 10.20.02 , Madison Theater, Covington , KY
(as taught to them by Billy Bright)
6. Molly and Tenbrooks 10.13.01 Stella Blue Ashville NC
7. Lost John 4.19.01 The Wetlands, New York NY
8. the Ties That Bind 10.10.99 , Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL
(w/ Ethan james, David James and Dan Brodeur)
9 On and On 11.16.02 , Crystal Ballroom, Portland OR
(w/Danny Barnes)


10. Cry Holy Unto my Lord 9.30.00 Fox Theater, Boulder CO
11. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke 4.6.02 the Warfield, San Francisco CA
12. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down 2.18.00 Avogadro's, Ft Collins, CO
13. The Ballad of Jed Clampett 12.31.02, Paramount Theater, Denver CO
14. Big Spike Hammer 4.18.01, Stella Blue, Ashville, NC
15. Blue Ridge Cabin Home 10.2.99, HSMF, Stafford Lake CA
(w/ John Turpin)
16. I'll Stay Around 10.16.98 Pioneer Inn, Nederland CO
17. Saro Jane 1.16.99 Acoustic Coffeehouse, Nederland CO
18. Polka on the Banjo 10.25.01 Village Underground New York NY
19. 100 Years From Now 8.11.06 Penns Peak Jim Thopre PA

DISC TWO (79.10)


1. Rocky Top 12.31.02, Paramount Theater, Denver CO
2. Ruby 12.31.99 Wolf tongue Brewery, Nederland CO


3. Going to the races 9.27.99 John's Alley, Moscow ID
4. If I lose 2.18.00 Avacadero's, Ft Collins CO
5. Little Maggie 2.26.03 Canopy Club, urbana IL
6. Lost and I'll never Find my Way 10.16.98 Pioneer Inn, Nederland CO
7. How Mountain Girls Can love 10.10.99 Abbey pub, Chicago IL
(with Ethan and David James and Dan Brodeur)
8. Rabbit in a Log 9.8.01 Canopy Club, Urbana, Il


9. Hit Parade of Love 12.31.99 Wolf Tongue Brewery, Nederland CO
10. Hold Whatcha Got 10.7.99 Cicero's St Louis, MO
11. My Walking Shoes 10.31.00 Six Rivers Brewing, McKinlyVille CA
12. Freeborn Man 6.19.02 Telleride Conference Center, Telleride CO


13. 9 Lb Hammer 10.2.99 HSMF, CA
14. Billy and The Lowground 5.25.02 Camp Mather CA
15. Forked Deer 5.25.02 Camp Mather CA
16. Shady Grove >
17. Don't STop Til You get Enough * >
18. Shady Grove 4.21.01 Little Turniptown, ELijah Ga

* that well know bluegrass standard

DISC THREE (75.24)

1. The Mermaid 5.25.02 Camp Mather, Ca
2. Sangaree 10.28.99 Fox Theater, Boulder CO
3. Salty Dog (w/ Cam Maloney) 1.13.00 Inferno, Steamboat Springs CO
(The Morris Brothers)
4. Paddy on the Turnpike 11.7.98 Boulder Co
5. Jesus on the Mainline 12.31.99 Wolf Tongue Brewery, Nederland CO
6. Leaving (James King) 4.14.00 Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN
7. In The Pines 10.10.99 Abbey Pub, Chicago IL
(w/ Ethan James, David James and Dan Brodeur)
8. Pain in My Heart 9.26.03 Harvestfest, Lafayette GA
9. Unwanted love 5.25.02 Camp Mather, CA
10. Angel With the Golden Hair 6.1.01 The Terrace, Madison WI
(Nate Bray)
11. If You're Ever Gonna love Me 3.3.01 Abbey Pub, Chicago IL
(the White Brothers)
12 I'll Never love Anybody But You 12.31.01 Mississippi Nights, St
louis MO
(Jim and Jesse)
13. Boatman 6.27.03 NWSS Horning's Hideout, OR
(taught to the boys by Vince Herman)
14. Going Up 10.7.99 Cicero's, St Louis MO
15. The Curse of Eli Renfro 3.29.01 Telleride, CO
(Don Humphries via Del McCoury)
16. the Old Hometown 2.18.00 Avacodero's Ft Collins CO
17. Cluck Old Hen 2.2.03 Belcourt theater, Nashville TN
(w/Vinnie Farsetta and Tim O'Brien)
18. Country Blues 11.18.99 Fox Theater, Boulder CO
(w/ Nick Forster and Pete Wernick)
19. Don't Make Me Believe 11.18.99 Fox Theater, Boulder CO
(w/ Nick Forster, Sally Van Meter and Pete Wernick, written by Nick
Forster )
20. East Virginia Blues 5.25.02 Camp Mather, CA

DISC FOUR (75.25)

1. Red Rocking Chair 12.13.99 Mountain Sun Brewery, Boulder CO
(w. Michael Kang)
2. Whitehouse Blues 10.7.99 Cicero?s, St Louis MO (Charlie Poole)
3. Man of Constant Sorrow 12.31.02 Paramount Theater, Denver CO
4. I Had Someone Else Before I Had You 1.18.02 Garden in the Heights,
Houston TX
(Bob Wills)
5. The Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me 4.21.01 Elijay GA
6 . Brown Mountain Lights 11.1.01 Tractor Tavern, Seattle Wa
(Mac Wiseman via The Country Gentlemen)
7. Washington at Valley Forge 7.8.00 Willits, CA
(trad via Mother Mcree's)
8. Rag Mama 2.9.01 The Fillmore, San Francisco CA
9. You're No Good 6.28.02 NWSS Horning's Hideout, OR
10. Big Sciota 1.16.99 Acoustic Coffeehouse, Nederland CO
11. Bitter Green 10.11.00 The Happy Dog, Cleveland OH
(Gordon Lightfoot, via Tony Rice)
12. Loneliness and Desperation 10.7.99 Cicero's , St Louis MO
( Del McCoury)
13. Yes She Do (Oh No She Don't) 8.8.00 Sunshine Daydream, Terra Alta
14. Shadows in my Room 11.18.99 Boulder Theater, Boulder CO
(with Nick Forster, Sally Van Meter and Pete Wernick. Written by
Nick Forster)
15. Rosalie McFall 11.18.99 Boulder Theater, Boulder CO
(w/ Nick Forster and Sally van Meter. Charlie Monroe Via the Dead)
16. Country Boy Rock n Roll 2.18.00 Avogadro's, Ft Collins CO
(Reno and Smiley via Hot Rize)
17. California Cottonfields 6.19.02 Conference Center, telluride CO
(Merle Haggard via the Seldom Scene)
18. I Like the Christian Life 1.28.06 Liberty Hall, Lawrence KS
19. Paul and Silas 1.27.06 Liberty Hall, Lawrence KS
20. Raleigh and Spencer 1.27.06 Liberty Hall, Lawrence KS
21. Foggy Mountain Breakdown 2.18.06 The Orange Peel, Ashville NC
22. Sharecroppers Son 1.29.05 Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa OK

DISC FIVE (76.50)

1. Pan American 2.18.00 Avogadro's, Ft Collins CO
(Hank Williams via the Seldom Scene)
2. Ginseng Sullivan 12.31.02 Paramount Theater, Denver CO (Norman
3. Going Across the Sea 2.24.01 Middle East, Boston MA
(Cousin Emmy via Hot Rize)
4. I Ain't Broke (but I'm badly bent) 12.31.02 Paramount Theater,
Denver CO
(Mel Tillis via Grisman)
5. Roughneck Blues 10.10.01 Smiths Olde Bar, Atlanta GA
(Al Terry via Red Knuckles and the trailblazers)
6. The Children are Crying 11.6.99 Private function, Portland OR
(trad via Old and in the Way)
7. Old Train 12.31.02 Paramount Theater, Denver CO (Herb Peterson)
8. Midnight Moonlight 12.31.02 paramount Theater, Denver CO (Peter
9. Nellie Kane 7.17.99 Alpinista Pizzeria, Leadville CO (Tim
10. Old Plank Road 1.17.02 La Zona Rosa, Austin TX (trad via Jeff
11. Life's Too Short 3.29.01 Telleride CO (Delmore Brothers via
Hot Rize)
12. Maybe You'll Change Your Mind 7.17.99 Alpenista Pizzeia, Leadville
(Don Reno via the Seldom Scene)
13. Up and Around the Bend 10.16.98 Pioneer Inn, Nederland CO (Bela
14. Remington Ride 11.6.99 Private Party, Portland OR (Herb
15. Plastic Banana 3.4.99 (David Nichtern via Tony Rice)
16. Little Willie 4.18.99 Mountain Sun Brewery CO (David Grisman)
17. Rolling in My Swwet Baby's Arms 10.19.05 Avalon Ballroom, Boston
MA (w/ Sam Bush)
18. Going Back to Kentucky 10.20.05 Irving Plaza New York NY (w/Sam
19. Old Dangerfield 11/9/02 The Fillmore, San Francisco CA
20. My Gal 10/08/06 930 Club, Washington DC


This is meant to be a compilation of Yonder playing traditional
bluegrass, so songs written by contemporary songwriters are
excluded ; no John Hartford because the Yonder Play Hartford
compilation covers him ; no 'one off songs played just because
the songwriter happens to sit in ;
no duplication of the instrumentals covered by
Hunter Barry's fine "InstruMENTAL" compilation ;
and no songs from the non Ben Kaufmann tour in spring 2004.
Its all old bluegrass songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s,
done by the full band.
And despite it's girth, this isnt meant to be definite,
just thorough - though i bet once this is torrented,
people will find a dozen songs that should have been

Quality of recordings was the first consideration, with preference
given to
single mic shows (to fit in with the traditional nature of the
I tweaked the levels to try and have everything close to a uniform
volume, and
applied some fading for smoothness. All sources either from the LMA or
my own discs.
Despite some serious rarities (some of the songs were only played a
handful of times, so
my choice of sources was often limited), there's NO poor recordings on

I've tried to indicate the original songwriters wherever possible, and
the way that
Yonder probably learned the songs - i dont claim to be a bluegrass
scholar, so if any
of the notations are wrong, apologies.

When i first compiled this back in 2003,the efforts of Pastor Tim,
Bob Troutman and Nate Dawg were invaluable - i never would
have even attempted this without their support. There was no
handy dandy Phantasy Tour songlist to use, so this crack team supported
me as i combed through setlists to come up with a songlist, and fed
me info i didnt know as to the songs' origins.
Thanks, guys.
And thanks to the Phantasy Tour board for giving me the 'nudge'
to work on this remaster edition.

compiled, edited and torrented by the Yondermeister.