The Blue Note
Columbia, Mo.

Location:front of sbd. center
Taped & Transfer by Steven Propp nspwboogie@gmail.com

Set 1:
Years With Rose>
Bolton Stretch,
Fine Excuses,
Mental Breakdown,
40 Miles From Denver,
Only A Northern Song>
Ain't Been Myself In Years,
If Loving You Is Killing Me,
Night Is Left Behind,
Kentucky Mandolin>
If There's Still Ramblin' In The Rambler (Let Him Go)>
Catch A Criminal>
Ramblin' Reprise

Set 2:
Sideshow Blues>
Elzic's Farewell,
Another Day,
Just The Same,
How 'Bout You?,
Snow On The Pines>
I'd Like Off,
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down,
My Gal,
Raleigh & Spencer
Crow Black Chicken

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