Younder Mountain String Band
BamaJam Music & Arts festival
Enterprise, AL

01. Tuning/Stage Banter
02. Uncle Pen
03. Out of the Blue*
04. Damned If The Right One Didn't Go Wrong
05. Night Out
06. Angel
07. Pride Of Alabama
08. Don't You Lean On Me
09. "Bill Monroe Song - Instrumental" (?)
10. 40 Miles From Denver
11. She Gives Me Things For Free* (?)
12. Ramblin' In The Rambler

* new song

Jeff Austin - Mandolin, Vocals
Ben Kaufman - Bass, Vocals
Adam Aijala - Guitar, Vocals
David Johnston - Banjo, Vocals

Notes: 1st show of Summer Tour. Thanks to Chris Hall via dennis Tyler for allowing me to run the 4023s.

Source: Schoeps MK4|MK8 (mid-side) > KC5 > CMC6 > Kynd Kable Interconnects > Busman T-Mod R4 Pro + B&K 4023 (ORTF) > Busman W/Mod R4 Prop

Location: FOB / DFC / 9' high

Lineage: R4 Pro @ 24/48 > Firewire > HD > Wavelab 5 > CDWave

Mastering: Wavelab 5
Mid-Side Conversion: Schoeps DMS Tool
iZotope Ozone 3: Dither to 16bit
Resample to 44.1kHz
CD Wave: Tracking/FLACing
Traders Little Helper: Checksum Creation

Tape/Transfer/Master: Jeff Hatcher (

8ef5953e492e46ad8424a26b0d78f09e *ymsb2008-06-07jhatcherd01t01.flac
1b10f9aaafe3d976f7f9fd8024955a0f *ymsb2008-06-07jhatcherd01t02.flac
4646e6cd029efd890e53cced4b2a7878 *ymsb2008-06-07jhatcherd01t03.flac
45cfd437ee2a90e5d60aa412d4087c60 *ymsb2008-06-07jhatcherd01t04.flac
d01490a95f221743c56d1bb174b6a674 *ymsb2008-06-07jhatcherd01t05.flac
7d73558dd0d39ffc5ca964540d520ebd *ymsb2008-06-07jhatcherd01t06.flac
07f561046943d6e4b76c4c1faedfbe00 *ymsb2008-06-07jhatcherd01t07.flac
22f4487880693c23d0712caca03a56d3 *ymsb2008-06-07jhatcherd01t08.flac
6b54ed94d7110d8fcd32bc75864e77f2 *ymsb2008-06-07jhatcherd01t09.flac
67f715a5df078519b1e652fb6c7fa355 *ymsb2008-06-07jhatcherd01t10.flac
f9a45ebd862ee6c7e4cfa353c3297455 *ymsb2008-06-07jhatcherd01t11.flac
02e2d5c38bfc6d28752252892d757118 *ymsb2008-06-07jhatcherd01t12.flac