Yonder Mountain String Band w/ Darol Anger
Ogden Theatre
Denver, Colorado

Source:Neumann KM184's(din)>V3>722 @ 24/48
Location: FOB/DFC 35' From Stage, 7' High
Transfer: 722>CD Wave>Wavelab(resample/fades)>flac
Recorded By: Jamie Scott
Seeded By: Jamie Scott

Disc 1, Set 1

01 Intro
02 Free to Run
03 Damn If The Right One Didn't Go Wrong
04 Loved You Enough
05 Amanda Rose
06 Blue Collar Blues
07 All Your Dreams
08 Little Rabbit >
09 Fine Excuses
10 Country Boy Rock and Roll
11 Eli Renfro
12 The Ewie Wi> The Crookit Horn
13 Casualty

Disc 2, Set 2

01 Intro
02 On The Run
03 Midwest Gospel Radio >
04 Cuckoo's Nest
05 Ten >
06 ?*
07 Waltz >*
08 I'm Not Fed Up With The Pacific OCean > (with Ben on Bass)*
09 King Ebineezer >#
10 Fingerprint#

Disc 3, Set 2 Con't

01 New Song?#
02 I Am My Mother's Only Son#
03 Rain Still Falls#
04 Just The Same#
05 Night Out#
06 Finally Saw The Light#
07 Wind On Fire#
08 Dawns Early Light#
09 Sidewalk Stars#
10 Crowd
11 Tear Down The Grand Ol' Opry#

* Brittany Haas, Natalie Haas, Lauren Rioux, and Darol (N0 YMSB)
# With Brittany Haas, Natalie Haas, Lauren Rioux, and Darol

*** Thanks to Charles Fox for the use of the V3, Thanks Charles!!!***


Y08-12-29 d1t1.flac:8650f67c3e040004420cc1ecfc25657c
Y08-12-29 d1t2.flac:aafd9e841274fe1712a9339ba1e72aa6
Y08-12-29 d1t3.flac:b131fc283cb17e88b926fd1648b4fd3c
Y08-12-29 d1t4.flac:1fbc3fcaa6e7056c259b0492cbab3b91
Y08-12-29 d1t5.flac:3b31fe183ed6643c52a8bb616f99f7eb
Y08-12-29 d1t6.flac:41b520bf836458d953d2776d0c046abd
Y08-12-29 d1t7.flac:540846714fb969d04f97021ecabf48c0
Y08-12-29 d1t8.flac:981d40f5c29e9d0277b207f6b9ab0e3f
Y08-12-29 d1t9.flac:36143338834e6b970d7c3dfc9825a543
Y08-12-29 d1t10.flac:3017ee648f22e62337d969e803935c93
Y08-12-29 d1t11.flac:e7c5a205e9cc12f52e021043ee95d3d7
Y08-12-29 d1t12.flac:bb5d821eb38e50ffa9920eb4ebbb4974
Y08-12-29 d1t13.flac:056c3549a9c5860418971ca73c9c7c5b
Y08-12-29 d2t1.flac:81de3babacfa19a05a8261ccad35c11b
Y08-12-29 d2t2.flac:cd5b5f3b99586101d386619dc9df80e4
Y08-12-29 d2t3.flac:fd389089578946607dae97761c3de130
Y08-12-29 d2t4.flac:a98512202295d97a8b79de281a5f6b05
Y08-12-29 d2t5.flac:3191bc3d618e2518f6292de4d2de3b6e
Y08-12-29 d2t6.flac:5d6fda4c7f6b1b559ef2e236c5fc4fd6
Y08-12-29 d2t7.flac:a3ee28c43e51df5ca31a95173acc0882
Y08-12-29 d2t8.flac:3bb1e0aca5d5ae025a278c6a1442d7ed
Y08-12-29 d2t9.flac:c55d9a7ac1b10e8c121e7aafdaa355b8
Y08-12-29 d2t10.flac:98fb5b504e7a92b6b964c1f39f3dd3cd
Y08-12-29 d3t1.flac:60670103a0bac9c33ccf898265fe84d2
Y08-12-29 d3t2.flac:cd3fa859372c375ff437bdb29bc8375a
Y08-12-29 d3t3.flac:543b3ce8bd29ee8c48fec14f2bcb06c3
Y08-12-29 d3t4.flac:3b393dc649dcfeebed0e044929444ecf
Y08-12-29 d3t5.flac:935ff0e83eea5474f8388b84577e3c15
Y08-12-29 d3t6.flac:933d73743db9e797a8583ae5c40b3941
Y08-12-29 d3t7.flac:8fd9174b078d54dbf376bf24c72ab109
Y08-12-29 d3t8.flac:fa318ac2dcffb7e1168c49d63faafe82
Y08-12-29 d3t9.flac:1a94fca3e04f2012ebfc84953c75509e
Y08-12-29 d3t10.flac:dd9b58fde99a31c1906458d9fba5b5ce
Y08-12-29 d3t11.flac:2efb4b1488269624dcf1e7c943f1c716