Yonder Mountain String Band
June 25, 2009
Penn's Peak
Jim Thorpe, PA.

**16 bit**

Source: SBD>722 @ 24/48
Transfer: 722>cd wave editor>wavelab(fades/resample)>trader's little helper>flac
Taped & transferred by Jamie Scott

disc 1: set 1

1) Intro (Jeff came out with white glove)*
2) Bloody Mary Morning
3) This Train Is Bound For Glory
4) Southbound
5) Idaho
6) Yer No Good
7) And Your Bird Can sing
8) I'd Like Off>
9) Criminal
10) Mental Breakdown
11) Fine Excuses
12) Pride of Alabama
13) Going up
14) Ramblin in the Rambler>
15) No Expectations>
16) Wanna Be Startin' Something> (M. Jackson)
17) Ramblin in the Rambler (Jeff played with white glove)

disc 2: set 2

1) Tuning/Banter (Announcement of Michael Jackson's Death)
2) My Gal
3) Dawn's Early Light
4) Two Hits>
5) Whiskey Before Breakfast>
6) Two Hits>
7) Ring of Fire>
8) Two Hits
9) Another Day
10) Fun Time
11) Angel
12) Sideshow Blues
13) I am the Slime

disc 3: set 2 (cont.)

1) Little Rabbit
2) My Walking Shoes
3) 8 Cylinders
4) On the Run>
5) High Cross Junction>
6) On the Run
7) Crowd/Banter
8) Lord only Knows
9) Steampowered Aeroplane

*Many comments/tributes to M. Jackson....Jeff came out with a white glove for the intro banter...took it off to play,
and then put it back on at the end of Wanna be Startin Something and left it on for the end of Rambler.
It looked to be a golfing glove...but it worked...

**A big thanks to Ben Hines for the sbd patch!!!**

; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on June 27, 2009, at 00:43:27

YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t1.flac:9418ab68d21b61b74ca553bd8efc8cac
YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t2.flac:6d1046c4df9373009bc520e3b287668f
YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t3.flac:ad26fe4d348457fd5bbcea1d2da0e915
YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t4.flac:c4eebf0283451ecc3cfc7fd2e37ef31a
YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t5.flac:5dfa3a623299b39664c857affc5fef5c
YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t6.flac:e066a313a2df696a5b41f0d5f53875f9
YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t7.flac:8c2c6e820de80c62d7f7f4d4f824be33
YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t8.flac:f60ac0af58af01b51801604d397f02da
YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t9.flac:4e8e055af35ce332b100534c062dc04c
YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t10.flac:2f3d3b5332779c25fe25ee45ed23772f
YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t11.flac:b2c5a46af1ddf166eafd17ce4c3fa711
YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t12.flac:43309c8e7dd3749f8bf47afb787eed4c
YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t13.flac:7a6811ba09c665bad3344ef00e96d0f2
YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t14.flac:357e23ccc4c9601e89250e603307f1a9
YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t15.flac:23e617ae283b07dfe0fd57ce7ce1416e
YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t16.flac:1bad18a3a095e82384e8b1025e1b92ba
YM09-6-25T02 sbd d1t17.flac:0ab8ab1cabcc0ab4d4570c9faf8d2561
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d2t1.flac:3eea5610d78cc56d473f841d6a6bbc83
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d2t2.flac:6ebfa43ea18e0900a43f3106c2924aa2
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d2t3.flac:64fc33de5816c254ea354d952375eb56
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d2t4.flac:850193c2d45c774ef8d8337ea890f7f5
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d2t5.flac:66347230aa392e33f9fbfd5df3c50082
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d2t6.flac:4e7b010365de7be159c6d36e10f49ae1
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d2t7.flac:e57daa158bcc6528895a79f0faf9e663
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d2t8.flac:876e8e3bdc8d852d1afa8463de2aacf2
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d2t9.flac:78f33cda93b46e9dcea13cbc5b55c219
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d2t10.flac:33005cc7159618276e82a2880e327ca5
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d2t11.flac:8b0ffaad5795adf1cbeb94a5fb983b04
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d2t12.flac:001adc1ee6ac51244265a5cf85c04f87
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d2t13.flac:62a077e10a1ef3a9b44fe8966d0f156e
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d3t1.flac:f590c4027d519c72ad3b564332ad5d92
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d3t2.flac:82ef14300ab67af2678ec17c8584604b
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d3t3.flac:11c1934393cdfb69c77bd9657588e9b6
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d3t4.flac:88d3a98717dbe486003a052fb938bb1b
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d3t5.flac:be79d892e554eeb26ff5924137595d1f
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d3t6.flac:a1774bbb86f5e833d1d4c712d8ccbf0d
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d3t7.flac:8dd73863af9d626866646d0a69e7fbd5
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d3t8.flac:7e428989fd4b04ebd82752467f6a88ca
YM09-6-25T03 sbd d3t9.flac:17b55825d0bd265705e76bd6a1852f78