Yonder Mountain String Band
June 26, 2009
The Kline Theater
Bridgeport, CT

**16 bit**

Source: SBD>722 @ 24/48
Transfer: 722>cd wave editor>wavelab(fades/resample)>trader's little helper>flac
Taped & transferred by Jamie Scott

disc 1: set 1

1) Intro/Banter
2) Up on the Hill, Where they do the Boggie
3) Narrative>Not Far Away
4) Narrative>Rambler's Anthem
5) A Father's Arms
6) Crow Black Chicken
7) Crooked Hitch
8) Narrative
9) Finally saw the Light
10) Sidewalk Stars
11) Narrative
12) Jail Song
13) Narrative
14) Deep Pockets
15) Narrative
16) Town
17) Narrative
18) They Love Each Other
19) Narrative
20) Ten> (Narrative included within Ten)
21) Bolton Stretch

disc 2: set 2

1) Intro/Banter
2) Midwest Gospel Radio
3) Steep Grades, Sharp Curves
4) Red Bird
5) Belle Parker
6) Oklahoma
7) Just the Same (w. the Stump)
8) Train Bound for Glory Land
9) June Apple
10) Snow on the Pines>
11) Death Trip>
12) snow on the Pines>
13) Raleigh & Spencer

Encore: (NOT INCLUDED***)
Unplugged at the Lip of the Stage
1) Crazy
2) I'll Never Love Anybody But You Baby*
3) Hit Parade of love
4) Holding
5) Good Hearted Woman +

* dedicated to Mark and Kim for their 5th wedding anniversary
+ dedicated to Stella

***The encore was unplugged at the lip of the stage and it is impossible to hear on the SBD.
I also taped with mic's up front...you can hear it a little on the mic recordings,
but it is still very light and there is a lot of crowd noise!
Look for the the additional source on etree.

**A big thanks to Ben Hines for the sbd patch!!!**

; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on June 28, 2009, at 00:11:48

YM09-6-26 d1t1 sbd.flac:8c938c359b3c5dba24be1637dd25d7ed
YM09-6-26 d1t2 sbd.flac:ff14cb4710c7c032675cced80536e81f
YM09-6-26 d1t3 sbd.flac:964db0d2deb1d83b87f684f3002a345f
YM09-6-26 d1t4 sbd.flac:0714a5265f1356cc7010c31b70d13b8a
YM09-6-26 d1t5 sbd.flac:4f59368cb323e996ded53a4b9bb797f5
YM09-6-26 d1t6 sbd.flac:5f9762dabdbcd75cf85941fb8d7c4765
YM09-6-26 d1t7 sbd.flac:abe3e633359cadca7984f49a72b350f5
YM09-6-26 d1t8 sbd.flac:22b9a6ed161dfe99348cb1626da232ec
YM09-6-26 d1t9 sbd.flac:9a19c6d3d225955c0389028648f8d45c
YM09-6-26 d1t10 sbd.flac:1b04ce4ae7a0dc74c36d8285f87dc422
YM09-6-26 d1t11 sbd.flac:2ef23e254883707f661f4286598d4351
YM09-6-26 d1t12 sbd.flac:0ec5acad7bb09b8ed3fa2424829de4cb
YM09-6-26 d1t13 sbd.flac:32579cd3a553fddb81a3b1e8ea9ed2e1
YM09-6-26 d1t14 sbd.flac:5253404bb01c944ac4182d6decf7f52a
YM09-6-26 d1t15 sbd.flac:2485f9b05a0ca0aaa04d974f84a1b2e2
YM09-6-26 d1t16 sbd.flac:676148956fa7d2c1c34d92154ef67f50
YM09-6-26 d1t17 sbd.flac:babd64fdf73a1990847b47f6d1790693
YM09-6-26 d1t18 sbd.flac:61d23d5a34cb8e204b46125915ae9f81
YM09-6-26 d1t19 sbd.flac:d79517da3be2e94ee483dc9b9036c8ba
YM09-6-26 d1t20 sbd.flac:e4e388b01cf15b5dd0d85963cc57f100
YM09-6-26 d1t21 sbd.flac:074699b7624e9f6b95348bb08029fc55
YM09-6-26 d2t1 sbd.flac:d1ef7190f87a23d5b1a0c2a89dff84ca
YM09-6-26 d2t2 sbd.flac:af8744e5343375b25f1e1d12db35e5c8
YM09-6-26 d2t3 sbd.flac:96db430549694d5dc59a2583fefb138f
YM09-6-26 d2t4 sbd.flac:c4f1086480df7f599d80811ac12b062a
YM09-6-26 d2t5 sbd.flac:964bdf680697d2f32e8bb8550ddb5a2a
YM09-6-26 d2t6 sbd.flac:671e2f76b1d98105b7c8735c0f5c2add
YM09-6-26 d2t7 sbd.flac:4622f6f6d814575ade08fa5a45f0e1c9
YM09-6-26 d2t8 sbd.flac:0300feaeea22dc24658cf3041bd3bbd6
YM09-6-26 d2t9 sbd.flac:bc82ba48931ad4d222ec3d10b00ea0b3
YM09-6-26 d2t10 sbd.flac:13fa103f048fadb153cd9853150d39d0
YM09-6-26 d2t11 sbd.flac:4c53ac1640c2265a11c2208e8bad9322
YM09-6-26 d2t12 sbd.flac:6e6dfa49392e15e80b9efd323e788b25
YM09-6-26 d2t13 sbd.flac:542981031fa61a34e48ed626d4ccad56