Yonder Mountain String Band
Club Congress
Tucson, AZ
August 18, 2010

Source: Sonic Studio DSM-6S Mics>Sonic Studios PA-6LC2 LoCut>Edirol RO9 @24bit/44.1khz

1st set:
01) Intro (1:09)
02) Time (7:13)
03) Steep Grades, Sharp Curves (7:21)
04) Damned If the Right One Didn't Go Wrong (4:39)
05) Begiining of the End (?) (5:40)
06) California Zephyr (4:53)
07) Loved You Enough (4:01)
08) Run Back to Me (7:39)
09) Good News Blues (4:33)
10) If I Lose (4:26)
11) Make a Fool Out of Me (?) (3:34)
12) Death Trip (6:03)
13) Down and Out (?) (11:44)
Total: (72:33)

2nd set:
01) Shady Grove* (6:00)
02) Whipping Post* (10:42)
03) Looking Back Over My shoulder* (10:16)
04) (?)* (4:42)
05) Redbird (5:21)
06) All Your Dreams Come True (6:15)
07) Nothing But Nothing (?) (4:06)
08) I Wish I Knew What I Know Now When I Was Young (4:08)
09) instrumental (?) (7:34)
10) (?) (4:56)
11) Snow on the Pines (7:57)
12) Follow Me Down to the Riverside>Snow On the Pines(rep) (9:41)
13) Two Hits and the Joint Turned Down (6:17)
14) Sharecropper's Son (4:45)
Total: (92:40)

* = w/Split Lip Rayfield's Wayne Gottstine (mandolin) & Eric Mardis (banjo)

Jeff Austin - mandolin, vocals
Adam Aijala - guitar, vocals
Dave Johnston - banjo, vocals
Ben Kaufman - bass, vocals

Lineage: Edirol RO9 USB out>Dell Inspiron 530S HD>AUDACITY to 16bit/44.1 khz>TLH>FLAC

-thanx to the ticket security guy, head of security guy, the manager of the club, and the soundman for letting me tape on a very crowded night and especially
the sound guy who gave the OK to the manager and let me set up within gated area of soundboard. I was about 7'- 8' up with mics mounted on the head baffle.
The sound is fantastic!!! Extremely happy with it. No doubt an "A-"
-could use help with setlist wherever there's a question mark.
-a special night as the band was in a great mood because: "It's only 1 in a 1000 that we get to play in a place like this..." despite the oppressive Tucson
heat and humidity this time of year. They banter about it alot. I kept the bantering between songs at the end of the tracks.
-as I suspected the place was packed: this is too small of a venue for this band now: they played the Rialto across the street the last few times, which
although they don't sell out is more fitting for them and for the crowd they draw and this time of year in Tucson (UA college kids back in town). There was
barely room to move in 1st set anywhere in the club. Some folks left at set break so the rest of us had some dancing room in 2nd set.
-loved the tunes with Split Lip guys; show overall was very good and very high on the fun quotient scale!
-another Sonoran Desert Recording taped, mastered and seede by matt23.