Yonder Mountain String Band
San Francisco, CA

Source: Sennheiser MKH8040 -> Aerco MP-2 -> Sony M-10 (24/44.1k)
Location: Floor (immediate left of soundboard in designated taper section), mics clamped to stand @ about 8 ft. (DINa)
Transfer: M-10 -> MacBook -> Garageband for light EQ, level adjustment and fades -> export to AIF format (16BIT) -> Fission for splitting -> FLAC via Xact
Taper: tsquare (taper.tsquare@gmail.com) - Trent T.

Set 1

1.-Saturday in San Francisco-
2.No Expectations
3.-San Francisco is Family-
4.Little Lover
5.-Vitamin BK-
6.Sometimes I've Won
7.Another Day
8.Lay It On The Line
10.It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry
11.Nothin But Nothin
12.-The band is rejuvenated-
13.All The Time
14.-Song desiccation to Jerry Garcia-
16.-Song introduction-
17.Damned If The Right One Didn't Go Wrong
18.-Crew introductions-
19.New Horizons -->
20.Come Together -->
21.New Horizons

Set 2

22.-Welcome back everybody-
23.Keep On Going -->
24.Girlfriend Is Better -->
25.Keep On Going
26.Deep Pockets
27.Rain Still Falls
29.-Happy Easter --> noodling-
30.Kentucky Mandolin -->
31.Too Late Now
32.-Fillmore poster-
33.Rag Doll
34.Sharecropper's Son
36.Part 1 -->
37.Winds On Fire -->
38.Traffic Jam -->
39.East Nashville Easter -->
40.Traffic Jam
41.-Encore Break-
42.-Band comments-
43.E: Steep Grade Sharp Curves
44.E: Hit Parade Of Love