Yonder Mountain String Band
July 01, 2011
High Sierra Music Festival
Quincy, CA

Source: Busman BA-L2 (omni, A-B) -> Aerco MP-2 -> Sony M-10 (24/48k)
Location: FOB, mics mounted to stand at about 10 ft.
Transfer: M-10 -> MacBook -> GarageBand for conversion to 44.1k, light EQ, level adjustment and fades -> export to AIF format (16BIT) -> Fission for splitting -> FLAC via Xact
Taper: tsquare (taper.tsquare@gmail.com) - Trent T.

1. Intro
2. Out Of The Blue
3. Complicated
4. Night Out
5. Crooked Hitch
6. One More
7. Angel
8. Shake Me Up
9. Troubled Mind --> 20 Eyes --> Troubled Mind
10.Just Like Old Times
11.Lay It On The Line
12.Deep Pockets
14.East Nashville Easter -->
18.Southern Flavor(1)
19.Traffic Jam(1) --> Follow Me Down To The Riverside(1) --> Traffic Jam(1)

(1) Ronny McCoury on mandolin, Rob McCoury on banjo, Jason Carter on fiddle