Yonder Mountain String Band
July 24, 2011
Horning's Hideout
North Plains, OR

***10th Annual Northwest String Summit***

Taper: Rockinman
Location: FOB,DFC,mics DINA 90 config,stand at 12 feet
Source: akg460mods/ck63 hypercaps(bass rolloff)>UA5 preamp(Wmod)>Marantz PMD661(SPDIF In) @ 24/48 kHz
Transfer: PMD661->USB->PC
Conversion: 24/48kHz wav->Soundforge 8.0 for resample and dither to 16/44.1 kHz,No normalization, L3 Waves Volume Maximizer applied->CDWave Editor->Flac Frontend(level 5)>Foobar 2000 for tagging

******************DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE FOR PROFIT*******************

Set I

Disc 1

01. Intro by Pastor Tim Christensen->
02. If There's Still Ramblin' in the Rambler (Let Him Go)->
(Tour manager Scott gets hair shaved for St. Baldrick's)
03. Come Together->
(Tequila partial/applause for Scott)
04. Rambler Reprise
05. Don't You Lean on Me
06. Honestly
07. New Deal Train
08. Another Day
09. Lay It on the Line
10. River
11. On the Run-> #
12. Steep Grades Sharp Curves-> #
13. On the Run #

Set Break > Tribute to the late Sandy Alexander by Stella Fleming

Set II

14. Intro
15. Troubled Mind->
16. 20 Eyes->
17. Troubled Mind
18. Strophe For an Albatross (Rhesus Pieces)
19. Finally Saw the Light
20. Too Late Now
21. Far From You
22. Ripcord Blues
23. At the End of the Day

Disc 3

24. Pockets
25. Raleigh & Spencer
26. Shake Me Up
27. Bolton Stretch->
28. Ten (Reprise) +

29. Encore Break


30. Redbird
31. Southern Flavor

# with Drew Emmitt and Danny Barnes
+ Ten began the NWSS and it now closes out the festival

Entire show with Darol Anger on fiddle

Many thanks to Lexx & Steve for the camping hospitality and Andrew for the ride to Horning's and the company

Compiled by Tom Gambichler on July 26, 2011