Yonder Mountain String Band
Castle Theatre
Bloomington, Illinois
Wednesday November 9, 2011

Set 1
Disc 1
No Expectations
This Lonesome Heart
100 Years From Now
Father's Arm's
Granny ->
Winds On Fire
Troubled Mind
Honestly ->
Fine Excuses ->
Darkness & Light
Ramblin' ->
Mason's ->

Time: 01:10:18

Set II
Disc II
Blue Collar Blues
Year With Rose ->
What The Night Brings
Red Tail lights
Damned If The Right 1
Steep Grade
Old Plank Rd.

Disc III
Rag Mama
Jail Song
Free To Run ->
Looking Back ->
Hole ->
New Horizons
E1: Sangaree
E2: Red rocking Chair


Total Time: 02:46:54

DPA4061s->Olympus LS11 (24/96)
Mounted on stand 13' up, mics seperated 10", 8' from stacks right next to the band's sound desk.
SoundForge 8 resample 16/44.1 for CD

Jeff Austin - Mandolin
Ben Kaufmann - Bass
Dave Johnston - Banjo
Adam Aijala - Guitar

Great capture of a fantastic show in front of a wild crowd. The venue felt over-sold for how crowded the floor was, and there was a strictly enforced 'No Smoking Tobacco' rule. (everything else was fair game...) The show started a bit late but the band just shortened their set break to compensate for the late start and still finish near midnight (12:06AM to be exact) Jeff offered doctor's notes for anyone needing them to excuse them from work or class on Thursday.

The sound was the best of any show I have seen at the Castle and the band was smokin for the 'near' hometown return of 2 of the members. (Dave and Jeff atteded UofI in Champaign Il.) This was my first time seeing them and definitely will not be my last.
I ran 2 sets of gear during the show just to test some new mics. The second source is an Audio-Technica (AT2022)->Olympus LS10 24/96 on the center of the same stand elevated 13'. The new mic performed admirably, and would have been fine if it was the only source, but the DPAs do sound a bit better and have more bass response in the mix, so I am only posting the one source. There were some folks running a seperate rig with a HD video camera from the left balcony, hopefully that source will see the light of day as the camera was sitting on a tri-pod and his mics on a stand infront of the left stacks.

Setlist provided by the sound engineer who was kind enough to remember to get me a copy after the show ended.
Artwork included made with pictures I took at the show, and the article that ran in the local paper for the show.