Yonder Mountain String Band
July 19 2013
Legend Vally - All Good Festival
Thornville, Oh

Source:AKG C-1000's>Tascam DR-40>SDHC>CD Wave>Traders Little Helper


01.Snow On The Pines>
02.What The Night Brings
03.Sidewalk Stars
04.Polly Put The Kettle On
05.Little Lover
07.Left Me In A Hole
08.Maid Of The Conyon
09.End Of The Day
10.You're No Good
11.New Deal Train
12.All The Time
13.Rag Doll
14.On The Run>
15.Kentuckey Mondolin>
16.Shake It Up>
17.On The Run

18.2 Hits And The Joint Turned Brown>
19.Bolten Stretch