Yonder Mountain String Band
The Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, Ga.

Source: AKG c480b/ck63 (pos, dfc, fob, 8.5')>V3 (24/96)>sd722
Transfer: firewire>wavelab 6.10 [Crystal Resampler (downsample) iZotope Ozone 4 (dither)]>CDWav (splits)>FLACFrontend level 6>foobar2000 (tagging)
taped and transferred by John Barren
A Team Dirty South Recording
Home Team

01. intro tuning greeting
02. High on a Hilltop
03. I Need to Know
04. Straight Line
05. Jail Song
06. No Rain
07. Looking Back Over My Shoulder
08. banter
09. Tell Me Something Good~
10. All Aboard#
11. Jet Airliner
12. banter
13. Hey Day
14. Damned If the Right One Didn't Go Wrong
15. On Your Dime
16. banter
17. Chasing My Tail>
18. Bored Again (jam)
19. Nowhere Next
20. Sidewalk Stars
encore break*
21. Walk on the Wild Side
22. Spanish Harlem

~ w/ Anna Moss & Joel Ludford of Handmade Moments
# w/ Michael Schembre fiddle

Adam Aijala guitar vocals
Dave Johnson banjo vocals
Jakob Jolliff mandolin vocals
Ben Kaufmann electric and upright bass vocals
Allie Kral fiddle vocals

Handmade Moments opened

* The bulk of the encore break was deleted, then the beginning and end crossfaded. No banter or music was deleted.

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