YONDER PLAY JERRY 2006 remaster edition

1. Keep on Goin > New Speedway Boogie > Spoonful tease >
New Speedway Boogie > The Other One (one verse) >
Keep On Going (7/6/00 Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz)

2. Rueben and Cherise (2/16/02 The Catalyst, Santa Cruz)

3. Masons Children (9/8/01 The Canopy Club, Urbana)

4. Mississippi Half Step Toodleoo (5/24/02 Strawberry Festival, Camp Mather,)

5. Ramblin in the Rambler >
6 Deep Elem Blues >
Ramblin in the Rambler (9/23/00 The Canopy Club, Urbana)

7. They Love Each Other (6/29/02 NWSS, Horning's Hideout)

8. Pig in a Pen (11/7/98 unknown venue, Boulder)

9. Fire On the Mountain (10/8/05 Roseland Theater, Portland)

10. Dear Prudence (2/3/06 The Meridian, Houston)

All SBD recordings except track 1.
Slight fade applied to track 1 to make this fit on one disc.
Sources either flacs from the LMA, or my own discs > EAC

Compiled by the Phunkysoulmates.

Tweaked and torrented by the Yondermeister

Dedicated to Ken Schwartz.