Yosi Piamenta's "Heavenly Jams Band"

August 9th, 2007

Mexicali Blues
Teaneck, New Jersey

Recorded and Transferred By Bob Pitlak.

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Yosi Piamenta is one of those unique guitarist's and musicians
who is relatively unkown by most , but he is an amazing guitarist
in his own right and has played around the world with many other famous

His style is hard to pin down, but fusion of Middle Eastern/Oriental,
Hebrew/Jewish, Rock,Jazz and Blues say's it all, when you listen to this guy jam
because that's what he does, jam.....you will hear everything from Hendrix, Santana
Zappa, Clapton, Allman Bros stuff as well as his own.

Yosi has been called the "Hasidic Hendrix" for many years because of his religous
background, born in Jerusalem and schooled in music that combined Middle Eastern,
Oriental, Hebrew, and of course good old fashioned American Rock & Roll, Jazz, Blues
etc.He is truly hard to describe, but he is a very entertaining musician.

You may not have heard of Yosi Piamenta, but you should check him out, this was my first
time seeing him live and i was lucky enough to record him there with no problems, and what
i heard and saw there convinced me to wanna see him again.

Excellant show, and recording!

Guest Drummer: The Legendary Kenwood Dennard

Setlist :

Disc 1: 1st Set

1: Old Yishama
2: Baruch Atah
3: Kol Hamasameach
4: Moni
5: Agadelcha

Disc 2: 2nd Set

1: Tzippi
2: Arabic Medley
3: Yaala Moshiach
4: Red House ( Jimi Hendrix )
5: Birkat Hamazon
6: Asher Boro


Help With The Setlist Provided By Rabbi Yossi Pollak....Thanx A Bunch!

Crack One Open And Enjoy!!!!