You Am I
14th January 2000
"Cold Live at the Chapel"
Church on Chapel
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

The lads keep it simple for this TV performance, with a short setlist of fan favourites. A contemporary review by someone who was there is appended to this info file.

01 [3:28] Arse Kickin' Lady From the Northwest
02 [3:19] Mr. Milk
03 [3:30] Minor Byrd
04 [4:14] Heavy Heart/My Girl
05 [2:59] Cathy's Clown
06 [3:13] Rumble
07 [4:19] The Applecross Wing Commander


Tim Rogers: guitar, vocals
Andy Kent: bass, vocals
Russell Hopkinson: drums
David Lane: guitar, vocals

Lineage: TV broadcast > VHS > CoolEdit > WAV > FLAC (level 8)
Audio quality: 8/10 (TV broadcast)
Running time: 25:02
Notes: "My Girl" is a cover of the Temptations song.


I have never been a part of a studio audience before so it was a bit strange to walk into a small area that reminded me of the Malthouse Theatre in South Melbourne. The seating was arranged like we used to see on Recovery, and there were small television cameras suspended on huge arms.

There was no real indication that we were just about to see You Am I play. No usual posters on the wall, no T-shirts on sale, and the audience certainly did not look like You Am I fans. But the small stage held everything we needed to know that we were about to see them, namely Rusty's drum kit, and Tim's mustard coloured guitar. Raaaaooooo!

As the last of the crowd filtered in, there was a woman, who looked like she was someone...simply wearing a bikini and a thin sarong type skirt. I soon realised that this is who occupies Tim's thoughts, and much banter on stage. And it's no wonder why. Mrs Rocio Rogers is an incredible [looking] woman.

We were told that they had to do a sound check, and to clap and cheer three times. The guys were told to remove their ties. This is when I started to feel like it was a bit fake. I looked around at the audience, I thought that the definite fans were the ones who weren't looking like they were about to witness another marketing venture for Carlton Cold.

"Put your hands together for You Am I!" Finally, they strolled out from a back corner entrance, with all the guys in black except for Tim's very hip white suit, which we later found out he bought at the Chapel Street Bazaar for $45.

Tim was handed his acoustic guitar, and I thought that this was a very different way to start the show. The guys stood off stage, and Tim was there on his own, doing a solo. Silence...waiting, waiting...there was something not quite ready for the webcast. Tim asked us if we wanted to hear a joke? Naah, he decided to play a song. "What would you like to hear?" and he strums out the beautiful sound of Jaimme's Got A Gal. Fantastic, and his voice sounded in good condition. And even better because it was all impromptu.

Okay, the cameras are rolling and next came a song I have never heard before, Weeds, and it was equally as beautiful as the first. A very mellow way to start a balmy evening in the church of God, in the presence of the Gods of Rock! Then Tim did away with the acoustic and the guys took up their places. Like a rocket going off, Arse Kickin' Lady From The North West gave us a good kick into gear and there was a kind of certainty that those cathedral ceilings were going to be brought down...

I had a feeling that this was not going to be your usual set list, and was surprised and strangely relieved to finally hear Gasoline For Two live. Ahhh, and Heavy Heart with none other than My Girl neatly tucked onto the end...again, a special listening experience that I had craved.

Sitting in our seats watching them belt out their songs was almost frustrating. I felt like getting up and running to the front of the stage and dancing. But I also remembered how much I've sat in the car bopping away in my seat as I drive along to work (yes I do get some weird looks but everyone looks so robotic driving to work in the morning. I can't stand it anyway!). So I relegated myself to the seat to enjoy the show. Even when Tim asked people to get up and dance to Cathy's Clown I was too shy. (As Ashley Naylor would say, "You Melbournites aren't big on response.")

It was too soon when the show ended. As always...

But we actually got to ask the guys some questions after the show and were treated to a few joke questions that Andy and Rusty had to get in first. Of course before I could stop the twitch of my right arm, it was all of a sudden waving in the thick air the minute we were given the choice of speaking. Next thing I know I'm being handed a microphone, and I'm asking what I now think was a stoooopid question (but a good answer from Tim).

"Tim, is it true that you'll be starring in West Side Story?" After a small smirk and an introduction to an old school friend standing at the back of the stage, Tim told us that he did in fact star in West Side Story in high school, but alas was not the same fellow chosen for the role that is to tour Britain. Ah well. At least the new album hopefully won't be delayed!

Amazingly, once again I was thinking that this was "the best show I've seen, and they could never top that one", yet they always seem to. It was a real surprise to hear some tracks that I hadn't heard live before, and it was fabulous to know that even when on television, with cameras in their faces, and probably TV management demanding them to cut the drinking, swearing and stage chat, the boys will always rock in true You Am I style!

P.S. A big highlight was Dave's solos. He's a fabulous musician and a lot of fun to watch.

By Redsetta