You are Wolf
Summer of Love party

7th July 2012

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You Are Wolf weaves together traditional English folk, leftfield pop and storytelling via experimental vocals and an RC-50 loop station.

This is probably the only time I'll be able to say that we booked someone for SoL after I heard her on radio 3! kerry Andrew is a wonderful new folk performer who builds up her songs using an array of instruments (melodica, Ukelele, recorder, voice and other bits and pieces) looping the sounds she makes and singing over the top. She was joined by her husband Andy on bass (the gig was on their 5th Wedding Anniversary). A great way to open the second day of SoL Six although I'm still not convinced that wellies are the best footwear to operate a loop station with!

1. Little Sparrow
2. All things are quite silent
3. the Seaman returns
4. Train Song
5. Swan Song
6. oh Ruin
7. The Cuckoo
8. Three ravens
9. Cutty Wren
10. Down to the River
11. Outro

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