Younder Mountain String Band
16th Annual Suwannee Springfest
Spirit Of The Suwannee Music Park
Live Oak, FL
Big IV Amphitheater

Source: Oktava MK012 w Busman/Dorsey Mod (Cards) >Gakcables >Fostex FR-2LE (16/44) >CF Card
Transfer: Wavelab 5(Resample and Dithering) >CD Wave (Tracking) >TLH >Flac 16 (Level 8)>Live Show Tagger (Foobar 2000)
Location: FOB in sbd cage

Recorded & Transferred by Dnuggs

01. Intro
02. Casualty
03. Rag Doll
04. Ripcord Blues
05. All The Time
06. Looking Back OVer My Shoulder
07. Mushroom banter
08. What The Night Brings
09. Pockets
10. Blue Collar Blues
11. Cuckoo's Nest >
12. 2 Hits & The Joint Turned Brown >
13. Southern Flavor

Darol Anger on fiddle whole show except tr02