Young Marble Giants
K�ln-M�lheim, Germany
Jan-Wellem-Strasse 2
51065 K�ln
14. Dezember 2013

week-end 2013 - festival
evening 2
(also on the bill that evening:
Mirel Wagner
The Pastels
Robert Forster with String Quartet conducted by Jherek Bischoff
Mike Donovan (in the foyer)
??? (forgot the name) (in the foyer)

this is a minimax-front-row-recording

minimax master-series #345

Master - Audience recording
Ticket-costs: 35,20 Euro
Taping-location: front row, pole position, exact 3,86 meters from the stage, taped sitting on a chair
Sound-quality: excellent

Zoom H4N - Sound professional microphones SP-CMC-8 -
SP-SPSB-8 Sound Professionals and: without the dammish Mini Battery Module with the new Wackelkontakt!!

weather-conditions: cold, about 6�C
the hall: just beside the K�ln-M�lheimer Weihnachtsmarket the hall is just like many many other Stadthallen,
a bit crappy. But the organizers did it well to give us a good feeling with a good merch-stand, two
more bands playing in the foyer in the pauses between the first two acts that evening. And a nice host who
lead us through the evening.

visitors: nearly sold-out
catering: two cokes and a Laugen-Pretzel
parking-costs (due to massive requests, again): sorry, no parking-costs
Sound-quality: excellent

I never ever thought that I would see this band in my life. I didn't spend any thought about it at all.
And then that!!
Colossal Youth is still one of my Top Ten-All time favourite - records - standing like a Monolith on the
ground, standing there for itself. You like it - or not!!
And then it was nearly a perfect gig: nearly, as Stuart Moxham was really ill. But this was extraordinary
and fantastic. Loved it a lot!!

Artwork is included!


Alison Statton - voc
Stuart Moxham - guit, org
Philip Moxham - bass, org
???? - dr


01 - Intro by host Dave Doughman
02 - N.I.T.A.
03 - Choci Loni
04 - Eating noddemix
05 - Ode to Booker T.
06 - Wurlitzer Jukebox
07 - Music for evenings
08 - The Taxi
09 - Cakewalking
10 - The man amplifier
11 - Final day
12 - Radio silents
13 - Colossal youth
14 - Include me out
15 - Searching for Mr. Right
16 - Brand new life
17 - Salad days
18 - Credit in the straight world
19 - Outro by host Dave Doughman

Support this band forever
Buy "Colossal Youth" now and today on vinyl or cd - if you haven't
..and their 7-inches too - of course!!
Go to their really rare concerts!!!!
Do not sell. For trading only. ..and -of course- for fun!

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