The Youngbloods - San Rafael 1970.

1. Peepin' And Hidin'
2. One Room Country Shack
3. Beautiful
4. Instrumental
5. Light Shine
6. Darkness Darkness (Little Drop Around M. 1.50)
7. Moonshine Is The Sunshine
8. Misty Roses
9. I'm Going Back
10. Six Days On The Road
11. The Dolphins
12. Quicksand
13. On Sir Francis Drake (Fades Out At The Very End)
14. Donna
15. Faster All The Time (Fades Out)

Jesse Colin Young
Joe Bauer

NOTE : Since after more of the songs on the original tape
there was a radio commercial i had to edited that,
so what it may be sound like a little skip after the
applauses of the songs, is it not, is it just due to the
commercials that i removed, but the final result is
really good.

Soundboard radio broadcast, really good sound.

1st generation tape > equalizer > cd > eac > wav > flac

You asked for, here is it, a barely circulated show....On some
trade' lists i've seen a tape circulating as san rafael 1.72, that
i do not have, but i think that it is another show, cause this date
is probably correct. The performance is really good, and the
editing i did does not disturb my mind, this is really
better performance compare to the fillmore 71' recentely
official realesed.