You're The Victor - An Ode To Ane - Happy Birthday Ane

This compilation album is a present for Ane's birthday, he's 64 years young
and is now 50 years a taper

This compilation album (An Ode To Ane) is a compilation
album dedicated to the best Dutch Dutch taper Ane, aka flipp022 we know.

All tracks are audience recordings taped live by him from 1988
untill 2008 with a Sony pcm-d50 recorder (among others) and a homemade mic.

Using home made mics and his special feeling for "the sound",
his audience recordings are almost as good as soundboards. Hifi anyway.

His music-friends like to thank and encourage Ane with this album,
because of all his good work through the years!

setlist: (we know the names of the songs)

01. the outsiders - story 16 - het paard den haag 11-5-1997
02. cuby and the blizzards - cadillac assembly line - stadsgehoorzaal leiden 1991
03. willy deville - white trash girl - carre amsterdam 7-7-2008
04. cuby and the blizzards - too blind to see - stadsschouwburg leiden 12-5-2007
05. oscar benton - when i'd rule this world - lvc leiden 1992
06. cuby and the blizzards - appelknockers flophouse - de boerderij zoetermeer 4-4-2008
07. mink deville - savoir faire/cadillac walk - de doelen rotterdam 1990
08. cuby and the blizzards - brother booze - lvc leiden 1992
09. the shoes - osaka - grote beer leiden 3-10-1988
10. cuby and the blizzards - sugar mama/night train - stadsgehoorzaal leiden 2005
11. the nits - in the dutch mountains - stadsgehoorzaal leiden 1991
12. q65 - you're the victor - lvc leiden 1988

The sound is hifi stereo, absolutely not remastered live is live

"I don't know the date, I don't know the names of the songs,
but what does it is the sound ??" (by Ane)

lineage: a torrent from Ane on Dime>EAC>Flac files>MD5>Flac-files + Textfile + MD5 + Artwork
>Maketorrent> Dime>YOU

Artwork by G-design is included.