Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)
Royal Albert Hall
December 8, 2009

CD One (77:37)

1. Lilywhite
2. The Wind
3. Where Do the Children Play
4. Thinking 'Bout You
5. Boots and Sand
6. Maybe There's a World
7. Oh Very Young
8. Sitting
9. In This Glass World
10. Bad Brakes
11. Tea Break story
12. Miles From Nowhere
13. Fill My Eyes
14. Roadsinger
15. Morning Has Broken
16. Midday (Avoid City After Dark)
17. I Think I See the Light
18. Don't Be Shy
19. Wild World
20. Peace Train Blues

CD Two (54:17) Encore
01. All Kinds Of Roses
02. Moonshadow
03. I Love My Dog/Here Comes My Baby/First Cut Is The Deepest
04. Tuesdays Dead
05. Father And Son
06. Moonshadow Play Intro
07. Jack A Rounder Tree
08. Maybe
09. Mathew And Son
10. Another Job
11. Remember The Days
12. Where A Door Is Closed
13. Father And Son
14. On The Road To Find Out
15. Instrumental
16. Wild World
17. Mathew Instrumental Exit

When I posted the Birmingham show I hinted that there might be more to follow
several of you wrote an asked me what an when. My mate Dan had done other nights
but Dan does not live in the UK so I have had to wait (impatiently) for them too.
I recently posted the Liverpool show, here is the Royal Albert Hall gig
There is one puzzling comment that makes me wonder if this all in tehright order. At the start of the Moonshadow play (disc 2 track 6) Yusuf says he'll be back after to play the concert??? SSo should the plays be first?? Anyone who was there care to comment??

I'm pleased to say these are better recordings.

Many thanks to Desperate Dan an SPOT for efforts beyond the call etc etc.

Equipment used was: Core Sound High End Binaural (HEB) DPA 4061's with Edirol by Roland R-09. > PC Soundblaster AWE 64> Flac