Yusuf (Cat Stevens) - FM Radio Show 2009

Yusuf (formerly Cat Stevens) played an exclusive Radio
Show at Bayern3, Munich, Germany on April 23, 2009.
(He did his first German Radio Show ever!)

The six track show incl. 2 encores was broadcast on
April 27, 2009 to promote Yusuf's upcoming CD "Roadsinger".

Digital Cable Radio -> Zoom H2 (digital Recorder)
-> Edited on PC using CoolEdit Pro 2.1
-> Indexed with Feurio
(Traffic announcement an DJ deleted)

01 Roadsinger
02 Thinking 'bout You
03 Lillywhite
04 Don't Be Shy
05 Boots And Sand
06 Wild World
07 Father & Son
08 All Kinds Of Roses

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CD - Yusuf - Roadsinger will be released in Germany on May 1, 2009