ZZ Top
Pensacola Municipal Auditorium, Florida

Lineage: Unknown gen Sony Metal-XR Type IV 80 minute casette -> Nakamichi RX-202E -> M-Audio Fast Track C400 @ Cordial cables -> Reaper x64 -> WAV 32/96 -> track splitting -> FLAC (level 8) 24/96

Additional lineage for restored version: WAV 32/96 -> phase correction/clipping restoration/manual elimination of every possible to find bad edits & pops -> FLAC (level 8) 24/96

Track listing:

1) Thunderbird
2) Someone Else Been Shakin' Your Tree
3) Gonna Ride Away (On A Rainy Day) (I Feel So Bad)
4) Neighbor Neighbor (Awesome!)
5) Just Got Back From Baby's
6) Going Down To Mexico
7) Down Brownie
8) Rattlesnake Shake
9) Brown Sugar Intro


This is the oldest known live recording of ZZ Top to date. Originally surfaced in September 2005, this show often circulates as lossy or semi-lossy copies with frequencies cut around 17h and so on. This transfer comes from unknown gen cassette with a fully loseless spectrum. It has exact same content, with all tape drop-outs, edits and other fluctuations but depth of the recording is significantly more listenable.

For collector's purposes I did restored version, where I eliminated most of those issues to present this show in much more listenable version. I did not remaster this tape nor process it in any way.

The last track is likely a guitar intro to Brown Sugar but this is not confirmed anywhere. Judging from every other early ZZ Top performances that have surfaced so far, Billy played an extended guitar intro to this song and this early version isn't different. Other reports are saying Francene has been played as well as few other songs but none of them have been taped.

2018-02-10 @ zepster