ZZ Top
Cobo Arena
Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
July 10, 1974
performance quality: B+ raw, old Top
recording quality: B- raw old Top, but not too bad
source: 1st gen. audience tape
setlist (sort of)
1: ?
2: ?
3: Chevrolet
4: precious and grace
5: waiting for the bus
6: Jesus just left Chicago
7: ?
8: beer drinkers and hell raisers
9: goin' down
10: la grange
11: jailhouse rock boogie medley
12: ?
This is a Top show from their 1st U.S. tour, not long before
the wonderful free concert they played in Boston in summer 74
(and I saw decklessly...). Not a long show, may be the whole show
if not pretty close to it, just about 46 minutes here. If there's any
missing it's at the end. The quality is nothing to rave about but it's
no crappier than any of the other 74 Top I've seen here on dime
(or elsewhere). Apparently not 1 of those several Sony 152 tapers ever
recorded a 74 Top show and posted it, if they did we would have a nice
quality live 74 top to hear, instead only ones recorded with auto levelling
pieces of crap. This is a little better than that, above the "for completists
only" level for sure, but not much. Too bad, Top is a pretty loud band, but
not too loud to ruin the recording here, the performance is a pretty good
one in the "Motor City", featuring my favorite Top release, "Tres Hombres"
material. If anyone has Top's 74 free Boston concert (NOT the Cambridge one posted)
please post it, that was a great show, played especially as thanks for nice reception
to their 1st Boston area concert. (Top made a special trip to Boston just to play it!!!)
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
This thing's lost more than enough already.