Parc des Expositions,
Dijon, France - October 23, 1981.

Source: Unknown Audience Recording.

Set List:

1.Groovie Little Hippie Pad 2:24
2.I Thank You 2:52
3.Waitin' For the Bus 2:01
4.Jesus Just Left Chicago 4:08
5.I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide 4:06
6.Ten Foot Pole 4:10
7.Manic Mechanic 3:18
8.Heard It on the X 2:37
9.I Loved a Woman 6:01
10.Dust my Broom 3:32
11.Pearl Necklace 3:49
12.Cheap Sunglasses 4:06
13.Arrested For Driving While Blind - Hit It, Quit It (Medley) 5:51
14.Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers 2:44
15.Party On The Patio 3:48
16.Tube Steak Boogie 2:26
17.Jailhouse Rock 1:48
18.La Grange 4:43
19.Tush 3:29

68:01 Minutes.

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