Pavillon Baltard,
Nogent Sur Marine, France - October 25, 1981.

Source: Unknown Audience Recording.

Set List:

1.Groovie Little Hippie Pad 3:01
2.I Thank You 2:50
3.Waitin' For the Bus 2:33
4.Jesus Just Left Chicago 3:59
5.I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide 4:23
6.Ten Foot Pole 4:22
7.Manic Mechanic 3:18
8.Heard It on the X 2:38
9.I Loved a Woman 6:19
10.Dust my Broom 3:39
11.Pearl Necklace - Cheap Sunglasses 4:57
12.Cheap Sunglasses (Continued) 3:05
13.Arrested For Driving While Blind - (Dead Air) - Hit It Quit It Medley 9:53
14.Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers 2:43
15.Party on the Patio 3:03
16.Tube Steak Boogie 2:27
17.Jailhouse Rock 1:45
18.La Grange 4:38
19.Tush* 3:37

* Dusty says "Merci!"

Notes: This was a very loud fast show. Someone in the audience did a great job of recording it. It starts a little unusual where "I Thank You", "Waitin' For The Bus" & "Jesus Just Left Chicago" are a medley. Overall it's a great performance, and a very nice recording. One of the best audience saves of 1981. Also the second to the last show of the El Loco Tour, with the following night in Great Britain being the last show of 1981/El Loco Tour.

73:18 Minutes.

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