ZZ Top live Donington Festival 20-Aug-83

Transfer direct from FM master tape
(original broadcast recording made 1/6/84
onto Sony BHF 90 cassette tape)>
Ion Tape 2 PC>Audacity 1.3>Wav (16 bit)
>FLAC (SBE corrected Trader's Little Helper)
Transferred 10/09

FLAC encoded level 6 1/10

1.Gimme All Your Lovin'
2.Waitin' For The Bus
3.Jesus Just Left Chicago
4.Sharp Dressed Man
5.Party On The Patio
6.Tubesnake Boogie
7.La Grange

Time: 29.26

Excellent set from the Top, straight
from the 'Eliminator' era. I remember
seeing them when they were back at
Donington, although headlining,
two years later. Great transfer.