ZZ Top Saturday September 3rd 1983 at Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy Wisconsin USA


Microphones: Sony ECM 33F
Tape Deck: Sony TC-D5M
Cassettes: Fuji FR Metal 90
Recorded with Dolby B but I choose to leave it off on this playback

Master Tape > Sony TC-D5M (not exact deck, tweaking was necessary!)
Run Through the Naim 52 Pre-amp
To the Philips CDR-101 (Marantz CDR-600)
CDR Yaiyo Yuden 74-ZY Gold (The best!)
Playback in PC with Plextor UltraPlex40max SCSI CD-ROM
EAC using old program to slow the read speed.
FLAC > TO You Guys

I do not remember much about this show. I was very close to the right speakers
and was surprised it came out this well. I had a bad view of the stage but did
get blasted with sound. It was a stand on your chair night. It is maybe the best performance
I recorded of them. I saw the other generation up here from last week and said to
myself "I have to do something about this". Now that I set this deck up I can run off
a few from that year since the settings are all tweaked. This was not the exact unit (damn)
but the best sound (this cassette) I could hear from the 9 Sony's I shuffled. It should crank
on your best stereo system. Another note, I used to run all these through a ten band Soundcraftsman
equalizer when making a cassette dub. This show needed it as it was bass heavy. So none
of those early copies were flat. You may hear that difference from the other guys upload.

I took a couple pictures of the stereo room with the Sony set up in pause warming up.
The sony's battery compartment had a leaked acid hence the silver color. That deck sounded
best and is actually the first one. I got it back from Ken Golden (Lazers Edge records) at
the Nearfest. He still had it. My first recordings off this unit Nov 1981 to early 1983 are
on this exact unit. No surprised that it sounded best with this ZZ recording. That deck is gone.
But when I get to those years above.....they will be sweet! Just pray the capacitors will hold out!

Set List:

1. Got Me Under Pressure (cuts in)
2. I Got the Six
3. Gimme All Your Lovin'
4. Waitin' for the Bus
5. Jesus Just Left Chicago
6. I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
7. Sharp Dressed Man
8. Ten Foot Pole
9. TV Dinners
10 Manic Mechanic
11. Heard it on the X
12. A Fool for Your Stockings/Crosses
13. Pearl Necklace
14. Cheap Sunglasses
15. Party on the Patio
16. Tubesnake Boogie
17. La Grange
18. Tush