Zz Top
Stockholm, Sweden

Audience Recording

Recorded By; Samauel K.

Recorded On; Unknown Stereo Mic>Sony Wm D-6

Originally From The Collection Of;Per-Erik

All Lineage & Transfer Information From Per-Erik.

Source Lineage: 1St Gen Analog Cassette(Sony Ahp C-90)Recieved In Trade(1984)

Transfer Info: Sony Ahp C-90>Pioneer Cts 500>Fostex D-5 Dat(1998)>Optical Clone>Cdr(2012)


Uploaded By "Lucifer Burns"


1. Got Me Under Pressure
2. I Got The Six
3. Gimme All Your Lovin'
4. Waiting For The Bus
5. Jesus Just Left Chicago
6. I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
7. Sharp Dressed Man
8. Ten Foot Pole
9. Tv Dinners
10. Manic Machanic
11. I Heard It On The X
12. I Love The Women
13. Pearl Necklace
14. Cheap Sun Glasses
15. Party On The Patio
16. Tubesnake Boogie
17. La Grange
18. Tush


Billy Gibbons- Guitars/Vocals
Dusty Hill- Bass/Vocals
Rusty Beard- Drums

Zz Top Recorded Live On The Swedish Portion Of The "Eliminator" Tour.

My Friend, Per-Erik Sent This One Over To Specifically To Be Shared By Him.
So Please, As Usual Thank Him For His Generosity.
And This Isn't All He Sent, So Watch For More As We Close Out 2012.

Please Enjoy The Music, While You Still Can!