ZZ TOP Saint Ouen, Palais des sports, 1983 november 3, from uncirculated SM aud master, FLAC

I saw this show uploaded here before but i don't know from what source.
Anyway, if it was from a copy of mine, this is the first time it's torrented from my master.
This is design to fill a Listen to this request and may be my french mates will like it.
Can you remind me the name of N 10 ?
A ticket scan is added.

Recorded with Sony TCD5 with probably Sony ECM 16 mics clipped on shirt, from the seats of the hall.
Not bad for 1983.

01 Got me under pressure
02 I got the six
03 Gimme all your lovin'
04 Waiting for the bus - Jesus just left Chicago (chained)
05 I'm bad, i'm nation wide
06 Sharp dressed man
07 Ten foot pole
08 TV dinners
09 Manic mechanic
11 Pearl necklace
12 Cheap sunglasses
13 Party on the patio
14 Crowd
15 Encore medley: Tube snake boogie - La grange - Tush

N 11: just after tape flip.

Sony UCX cassette played on Marantz SD4061 deck (pitch adjusted) to ZOOM H4, wav to PC, audacity editions, FLAC

Samples in comments.