Cologne, Germany
Muengersdorfer Stadion

Master - Audience recording from my old TDK-Sa C-90 Tapes
My Artwork is included !!

This concert I taped with my Sony Professional D6 and an extra stereo-microphone
(I can't remember what microphone it was).

The sound quality is vg -!!!

Here we have an old master of my huge collection where I do not have the best memories
from. I had a free ticket for that show as I was never too much into that band and only
went there to tape it. I had a place in that stadium way up half a mile away from the stage,
there were no video-screens and finally there were three ants on the stage, two of them with
long beards, so that must have been ZZ TOP. The sound is not as bad as I remembered
but you can hear too that it was recorded from miles away.
Support-acts were Bryan Adams and John Farnham.

Now listening to this I don't like it very much again. I saw them perform another
time later in 1996 when they supported Neil Young and Crazy Horse at Dueren. And that was

Anyway, this seems to be the first time around here at DIME, so -all you fans- grab it, this
is for you.

Do not sell. For trading only. ..and -of course- for fun!