JUNE 12th, 1993 ~
HARLEY DAVIDSON 90th Anniversary Party

This is the only full concert that ZZ Top performed live in 1993.
Fortunately it is a very good quality recording.
Some have said it's a soundboard recording. It's just very good quality digital audio.
This concert contains 3 songs never otherwise performed live : Gun Love, Blue Monday, and The Beverly Hillbillies TV Theme Song.
Quality is A - / A+.

This is one of the TOP 10 BEST ZZ Live audience recorded shows!

cd ----> (dBpoweramp) flac level 8 ----> Dime

(2) CD SET

1) Planet of Women
2) Gun Love
3) Tell It Like It Is
4) I Thank You
5) Waitin' For The Bus
6) Jesus Just Left Chicago
7) Francene
8) Mexican Blackbird
9) Rough Boy
10) I Loved A Woman
11) Pearl Necklace
12) Cheap Sunglasses
13) She Loves My Automobile
14) Blue Monday
15) Arrested For Driving While Blind
16) Hit It/Quit It
17) Just Got Paid Today
18) Sharp Dressed Man
19) Viva Las Vegas
20) Tube Snake Boogie
21) Legs
22) La Grange
23) Tush
24) The Beverly Hillbillies TV Theme Song

(source : Greg Deeter's ZZ Top Live Concert Archive)