ZZ Top
Mid-State Fair
Paso Robles, CA

Neumann AK-40's (x/y)->LC3->KM-100's->Beyer MV-100->Sony TCD-D7
DAT Master Transferred: Tascam DA-30 >HHb CDR 800 PRO Via Analog i/o
CD Masters >FLAC (Level 8) Via xACT 2.25
SEC 13, Row D, Seat 60, Directly Behind Soundboard

Recorded/Transferred By OldNeumanntapr

(Sorry No Set List)

Tapers Notes-
This was my 1st and only ZZ Top show. The security was really heavy at this show. They were even searching people coming into the main gates of the fairgrounds, not just the grandstands. Fortunately I had a work pass because my father in law (at the time) was working the Democratic booth at the fair and he had an extra pass. So it not only saved me the fair admission charge but I lucked out because they were not searching the work entrance. I was dreading the rowdy drunk crowds that the fair seems to attract but this show was pretty good. We were right behind the board in the first row of the risers. The floor seems to be the craziest. What we missed out on on SPL from close proximity to the PA we made up with a quieter crowd.

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