ZZ Top
July 25, 2007
Freedom Hill Amphitheatre
Sterling Heights, MI

SPSM-1>SP-SPSB-1 (w/195Hz bass roll off)>Sony MZ-NH700>SonicStage>himdrenderer>.wav>flac
Location: Section 600, Row S, Seat 602A
Taper: Zach T (VH Drummer)

1. Introduction
2. Got Me Under Pressure
3. Waiting For the Bus
4. Jesus Just Left Chicago
5. I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
6. Pincushion
7. Cheap Sunglasses
8. Pearl Necklace
9. Heard It On the X
10. "Can I See Your Ticket?"
11. Just Got Paid
12. Rough Boy
13. Blue Jean Blues
14. Foxy Lady
15. Gimme All Your Lovin'

An average sounding recording, a lot of talkers during this set and the whole concert
actually. I had an interesting encounter during this show...did I almost get caught?
I don't know. But I was worrying the entire night as I was second seat in on the isle
at Freedom Hill tonight. This one security dude kept walking up and down eyeing
everything every few minutes. I wasn't worried after I managed to tape both the Stray
Cats and Pretenders sets with ease. However during ZZ Top about six songs in this
security guy in all black sits down right next to me (my dad went to move up). I look
over at him and he has this real asshole-style grin on his face like he's thinking
"Yeah, I know what you're doing, kid." He tells me to sit down and the excuses all
piling up in my head, I'm waiting for him to say "what's that you got there? What's
that cord for?" Instead he reaches over me and taps on the shoulder of the guy next to
me who is his early 20s I guess. He then keeps asking for the guy's ticket, over and
over again. The guy kept saying "no" because he left to go to the bathroom and the
security people saw him. The two argued for a few seconds before his mom jumped in.
"I'm his mother, I've been with him the whole time," and the security guy keeps pressing.
Finally the guy gives his ticket to the security guard and tells him to keep it, then
the guard gives him a brief lecture on how to treat others nicely. The tape was rolling
this entire time, I was scared out of my fucking mind. Luckily, I had my battery
box/mic on my left side instead of my right (which I usually do). What a night.
Didn't stay for all of ZZ Top as dad wanted to cut out early to beat the traffic (it
really does suck at Freedom Hill). What a crazy experience.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. Please do not distribute this in mp3, .wma, or any other
lossy formats but always free to do for personal use (iPods, mp3 players, etc.).