"HELL YEAH" ZZ TOP Live at the Wharf,
Orange Beach, AL. 2008-05-23(FRI)
Source: MM-HLSC-2 "Sennheiser Driven" Cardioids
(FOB,DFC@ 8'>SP-SPSB-6(power, line in)>
Edirol R-09@24/48wav
Transfer: USB>Computer>16-bit
resample/dithered CEP(best quality)>
CDwav(tracking)>flac L8 >Traders Little Helper
sbeok check and md file. Entire show, seamless.
Recorded, Tracked and Flac'ed by KooterB. No mastering.
1: Gimme All Your Lovin 4:53
2: Waitin' For The Bus>Jesus Just Left Chicago 7:55
3: Pincushion 4:44
4: I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide 4:38
5: Heard In On The X (Nice!!) 3:16
6: Billy Gibbons guitar is broken, tells short story... 4:14
7: Just Got Paid 5:38
8: I Need You Tonight 6:07
9: Cheap Sunglasses 4:50
10: Planet Of Women 5:37
11. Sharp Dressed Man 4:48
12: Legs 4:51
13: Encore break...ppl noize.... 2:08
14: Tube Snake Boogie>La Grange>Sloopy Drunk Blues jam 13:08
15: TUSH 1:38
Total time: 78:46
Notes: Open venue, a huge thunder storm hits just as the gates opened,
once in they kicked us out into the "worst part" of the storm?
Anyway, after a second entry pat down,
the show was on. 38 Special was to open,
but was cancelled because of the storm.
I had great location on this one,DFC,FOB, no one
beside me for 2 seats, one guy and his chick
stood on their chairs just to my right, you can
hear him at times. Over all not much in crowd noise.
Very, very lite wind rumble in a few places.
IMHO, this is a Very Good stealth recording.
KooterB 05-24-2008