zz top

Download Festival

Donington Park, Castle Donington, England
14th June 2009


01. intro
02. got me under pressure
03. waiting for the bus
04. jesus just left chicago
05. pincushion
06. cheap sunglasses
07. i need you tonight
08. heard it on the x
09. just got paid
10. gimme all your lovin
11. sharp dressed man
12. legs
13. tube snake boogie
14. tres hombres
15. tush
16. la grange
17. jailhouse rock

Unknown mics > SP-SPSB-11 > Edirol R-09

Edited in Cooledit Pro 2.0 > Split using CD Wave editor > WAV to FLAC using traders little helper

Recorded by me on the final day of the Download Festival of 2009.

I positioned myself practically underneath one of the speaker stacks, so the sound is very clear. There is some slight phasing at times due to the wind, but its not too bad.

I arent too familiar with ZZ tops material, but I believe the tracklisting to be correct.

Enjoy and please do not convert or distribute in a lossy format.