ZZ Top
The Beacon Theater
September 18, 2009

Source: CA-11's with card caps > CA9100 > Edirol R-09HR @ 24/48 > Kingston SDHC > Audacity EQD, normalized, tracks split, downsampled to 16/44.1 > flac (level 8)
Location: Row CC (third row), about 12 feet right of center
Taper: absnj

My first ZZ Top show (Note to self: Go to more ZZ Top shows) was a blast. I would not have gone to one of the arena shows had they toured with Aerosmith, so Steven Tyler's misfortune was my good fortune.

I was a bit too close to get the vocals from the stacks, but the guitars came through fine. I have included a few photos, as well

02-Under Pressure
03-Waiting for the Bus
04-Jesus Just Left Chicago
06-Billy banter, intros
07-I'm Bad I'm Nationwide
08-Banter, Blues hat
09-Future Blues
10-Cheap Sunglasses
11-Mexican Songbird
12-Banter and solo
13-I Need You Tonight
14-Foxy Lady
15-Brown Sugar
16-Party on the Patio
18-Just Got Paid
19-Gimme All Your Lovin'
20-Sharp Dressed Man
21-She's Got Legs
22-Encore Call
23-La Grange

02-Under Pressure.flac:d0e120f895f120a3d0fbbe953a634408
03-Waiting for the Bus.flac:526f3658d2f8820a24989a763269d2fd
04-Jesus Just Left Chicago.flac:5a97fdc7842376cc3f7447c2cfe75a18
06-Billy banter, intros.flac:e082932a460decf519293b0633a2a167
07-I'm Bad I'm Nationwide.flac:1abf0279c5b3637601880d80860f9af0
08-Banter, Blues hat.flac:dc642957d2a0756e383c5cce8b45cf36
09-Future Blues.flac:4756f13612a36b0cfd56e263c810966d
10-Cheap Sunglasses.flac:ad233c4fb35e1f11a3191ff825447553
11-Mexican Songbird.flac:f6c67013d4c0a2abb4fbe4e46f1058cb
12-Banter and solo.flac:a52672a2a026b0b22e73f5d20c9ae6b5
13-I Need You Tonight.flac:539f3f51e96c46aa73dd3de0427a340f
14-Foxy Lady.flac:d33fdd69853b8d772e0443bbdcd27cb6
15-Brown Sugar.flac:e95fe8e7ab92b42a70919b989d956b18
16-Party on the Patio.flac:71ee92a57a4012f478375c3815e3cf2b
18-Just Got Paid.flac:045a737576d2704f9f1f4e487c23f3a0
19-Gimme All Your Lovin'.flac:2128f769c379d512a5d990cc82e37e57
20-Sharp Dressed Man.flac:42b0afc5887ee5d514863a95493cbab7
21-She's Got Legs.flac:897ae143702e69dce281fd4819de2227
22-Encore Call.flac:8128c3c5b0b8281b1fcd16ff032a0ced
23-La Grange.flac:c096be0b87516df58a87e89e717e14ad

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