ZZ Top

Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK 2009-10-27

Set list

Disc 1
01 Intro
02 Got Me Under Pressure
03 Waiting For The Bus
04 Jesus Just Left Chicago
05 Pincushion
06 I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
07 Future Blues
08 Cheap Sunglasses
09 Mexican Blackbird
10 My Head's In Mississippi
11 I Need You Tonight

Disc 2
01 I Loved A Woman
02 Foxy Lady
03 Party On The Patio
04 Just Got Paid
05 Gimme All Your Lovin'
06 Sharp Dressed Man
07 Legs
08 La Grange (incl. Sloppy drunk & Bar-B-Q)
09 Tush
10 Tube Snake Boogie

Band Line-up

Billy Gibbons - guitar, vocals
Frank Beard - drums
Dusty Hill - bass, vocals

Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 Microphones
Sound Professionals SP-SPSB-11 Mini Battery Module with Bass Roll-Off (95Hz)
Edirol R-09HR 44.1kHz / 16 bit
USB>PC>CD Wave Editor>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC level 8>Dime

Very slick and polished performance in a small (for them) venue. This show had sold out
extremely quickly as their only other UK date was to be at Wembley Arena the next night.
Entertaining as always - it was hilarious to see Billy's "hat technicians" who brought
him his "blues hat" and later a cigar roadie!

Please do not sell this recording but share freely and enjoy it!

Any comments are welcome.