Band: ZZ Top
Venue: Stadthalle
City: Graz
Country: Austria
Date: Thursday, Oct 14 2010
Bootleg Title: GrazZ Top
Taper: HighVoltage
Recording Equipment: Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder, internal Mics
Mic Position: recorder fixed at belt buckle
Location: about 4 m from the stage mid
Recorder Settings: Mic Sens low, Low Cut off, Limiter off, Mic Zoom Set Standard
Tour: European Fall Tour 2010
Opening Acts: -
Audience: ~3500

Lineage: internal Mics -> Olympus LS-10 (PCM WAV 44.1kHz/16bit) , -> PC -> Nero Wave Editor -> FLAC Level 6

Edits: general volume adaption, equalizer, fade-in & fade out, track split, flac level 6, edited out a few audience bits between songs

Special Notes:
During 'Jesus just left Chicago' Billy sings "...and he came to Graz, Austria, you know what I'm saying!". After 'Pincushion' Billy asks "Are we having a good Time?!" the first time...and subsequently says: "Alright, we're in ...Graz, is that," and announces the next song.
Before 'Future Blues' he asks again, "Are we having a good Time NOW?!" and asks "Wo ist sie, meine Freundin...Becky...Rebecca?" (Where is friend..."). A local girl walks on the stage and asks him "Wie geht's dir, Billy?" (How are you, Billy?) and he answers "Super!". She asks "Wirst du uns heute abend den Blues spielen?" (Will you play the Blues for us tonight?) He replies "Yeah, ich brauche einen Blues-Hut" (In need a Blues-Hat") and she answers "Ich weiß wo dein Blues-Hut ist" (I know where your Blues-Hat is). After that his 'Blues Technician' brings him his hat and the two girls walk off the stage again.
In the second verse of the snippet of 'My Head's in Mississippi' the audience sings "...but my head's in Mississippi" to which Billy replies "My head's in Graz!"

Soundquality: clear, lively audience recording with some interference from the audience - 9/10


Disc 1:
01 Intro (2:07)
02 Got me under Pressure (4:08)
03 Waitin' for the Bus (2:57)
04 Jesus just left Chicago (4:31)
05 Pincushion (4:51)
06 I'm bad, I'm nationwide (4:48)
07 Billy talks (the Blues-Technician) (2:05)
08 Future Blues (3:27)
09 Rock me Baby (3:04)
10 Cheap Sunglasses (4:16)

Disc 2:
11 My Head's in Mississippi (snippet) (0:52)
12 I need you tonight (6:30)
13 Hey Joe (4:06)
14 Brown Sugar (4:46)
15 Party on the Patio (3:38)
16 Slide Guitar Solo incl. Dust my Broom (instrumental snippet) (1:04)
17 Just got paid (5:43)
18 Gimme all your Lovin' (4:31)
19 Sharp dressed Man (5:01)
20 Legs (6:52)
21 La Grange (incl. Sloppy drunk & Bar-B-Q) (6:49)
22 Tush (3:30)


Enjoy this recording anyway you want (I have uploaded both the flac- and the mp3 version), share it, but please keep my notes and the album art together with the audio files!
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