ZZ Top ~ "No Gospel Songs"
Friday, August 19, 2011
Stage AE
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Taper: David Murray [ninjadave]
Mastering: ninjadave
Artwork: None
Location: Front lawn, Right side in front of Stack
Config: Audience stealth - Mics in Beret style hat
Source: Beyerdynamic CK930~>Marantz PMD661[Oade CM] WAV 24bit/44.1kHz]
Conversion: 24 Bit Master WAVs ~> PC ~> Editing ~> Dither to 16 Bit ~> Tracking ~> FLAC
Editing: Cool Edit Pro 2.0 [fades, normalization, limits, dither etc.] ~ CDwav [Tracking]

01..04:52..Got Me Under Pressure
02..02:54..Waiting For The Bus
03..04:33..Jesus Just Left Chicago
05..02:18..[Band Intros/2 Rules Story]
06..06:32..I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
07..03:41..Future Blues
08..04:03..Cheap Sunglasses
09..01:48..My Head's In Mississippi [excerpt]
10..04:07..Hey Joe [Hendrix]
11..05:20..Brown Sugar
12..03:43..Party On The Patio
13..08:16..Just Got Paid
14..04:29..Gimme All Your Lovin'
15..04:42..Sharp Dressed Man
18..07:16..Lagrange/Sloppy Drunk

Total Time ~ 83:00
Check samples for quality - I think its pretty good.



Saw these guys long time ago, so this was cool seeing them again. They are pretty old but the
show was good. Great guitar work, and decent energy show. This venue is completly open, no
roof and they have a "floor" area and a small lawn, not a very big PA system. The sound was very
good there, however, not extremely loud but super clean, no wind this night or rain. :) The highhat
swooshs at bit but other than that, not bad. I did some minor EQ and I could have
probably got the levels hotter in post but I thought this was good enough. Rock on.

If you delete the [Crowd} track, I think this will overburn ok and you'll fit it on one disc. You
could also delete track 5 and that would surely get it under. I haven't tried it yet.
Otherwise, split the show on two discs. There is only a fade up and fade out.

Artwork ~ Someone who is willing to make? I would be grateful!

TRADE FREELY and post/share it on any download site you want, don't take shit from
anybody, but please, keep the info file intact and repost it with all the info. Thanks.
Do not trade in MP3 or other lossy format as it polutes the trading pool.
Thanks to those who pay it forward and share it back.

Upped by NINJADAVE - August 2011