Artist: ZZ Top
Date: 2011.08.20
Location: Tamiment, Pa
Venue: Mt. Laurel Pocono Performing Arts Center
Source: Aud (COMPLETE)
Lineage: CA-14 omni's -> Sony PCMM10 -> Master
Transfer: Sandisk 16GB Class 4 micro mobile ultra, 24/96 -> HDD -> Adobe Audition 3.0 -> WAV (16/44) -> CDWAV -> TLH -> Flac8
Transferred by Drgiggles1
Recorded by Drgiggles1


01. Got Me Under Pressure (04:55)
02. Waiting For The Bus (02:54)
03. Jesus Just Left Chicago (04:32)
04. Pincushion (04:16)
05. I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide (06:57)
06. Future Blues (03:31)
07. Cheap Sunglasses (04:09)
08. My Head's in Mississippi (excerpt) (01:24)
09. Hey Joe (04:04)
10. Brown Sugar (05:42)
11. Party on the Patio (03:18)
12. Gimme All Your Lovin' (04:29)
13. Sharp Dressed Man (04:43)
14. Legs (04:52)
15. Crowd (02:00)
16. Lagrange - Sloppy Drunk (04:55)
17. Tush (03:36)

Total Time 01:10:19

The only complaint about the show imo is that it was too short, otherwise an excellent performance with the band in a good mood. Well it seems like every time I bring my old lady to a show we drink too much and things go a bit wrong and today was no different. Fortunately the recording came out stellar minus one minute in before and during Gimme All Your Lovin' all hell broke loose between my old lady and her neighbor bitch that was so bad her boyfriend wound up leaving her standing alone before the encore. The bitch was trying to have a good time but in the process kept bumping into my ol' lady and surprised by her constraint she politely asked the chick to back off when the other chick went into my ol' lady's face and that's when all the fun really starts. Ushers come and break it up and in the meantime I had to say something in my lady's defense and told the other winch to STFU and you hear me telling the usher get her out of here. All captured in it's glory. The sound quality on this is excellent. Recorded in section 104 10 rows from the stage in front of the stacks. Post processing is as follows: Adobe Audition was used for dithering/downsampling only using the highest quality pre/post filtering. I attenuated several peaks but nothing major. The PCMM10 settings were as follows. Record level (2.8), Record (manual), low cut filter (off), mic sensitivity (low), REC mode (96kHz/24bit), Memory (Memory Card), Limiter (on), Cross Memory Recording (on), Plug In Power (on), PRE REC (on), Battery Setting (alkaline), Backlight (10 sec.), LED (off).